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"While standing, press Lock-on Target button. This weapon creates an immense circle of flame by hitting the ground with energy."
―In-game text, Mega Man X7

Bakuenjin (爆炎陣 lit. "Bursting Flame Array"), is a special technique and Giga Attack that Zero learns after defeating Flame Hyenard in Mega Man X7. Pressing the Target Lock-On button while standing still will cause Zero to punch the ground, causing the area around him to erupt in a ring of fire. Unlike previous versions of his Giga Attack, Zero is vulnerable when performing this technique and the weapon energy for it can only be refilled through grabbing Weapon Energy Pellets or using Weapon Tank. Bakuenjin also consumes a high amount of weapon energy, only allowing one use from start, and up to four if Zero is given all available Energy Ups in the game.

This attack is Ride Boarski's weakness.


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