The Balkon Gerät (バルコン・ゲレード Barukon Gerēdo) is a large amphibious machine that the Bonne Family uses to attack Mega Man and Roll on Lake Jyun in the first Mega Man Legends game after MegaMan and Roll destroy the Such Geräts and Draches patrolling Lake Jyun. At the first time it appears, the player can choose to fight or retreat to recover energy.

Balkon Gerät was built by Tron Bonne in response to their individual defeats at the hands of MegaMan Volnutt. She stole all but one of the boats from the boat shop in Uptown Katellox, using them to build both this and numerous Such Geräts. This robot was piloted by Tron, Teisel, Bon and some Servbots. The armaments of the Balkon includes torpedoes fired from its mouth, missiles (or bombs) at its rear cannon barrels, a shock gun on each of its arms, and the Bonnes' signature green energy orb gun. This, however, comes as a downside, as every weapon on its body also happens to be a weak point, with the energy orb cannon being tied directly into the machine's power core. MegaMan and Roll manage to destroy this machine before MegaMan went on to explore the Lake Jyun Sub-Gate.

In Rockman DASH: 5tsu no Shima no Daibouken!, a improved version of Balkon Gerät that moves on lava appears as a boss in Urakoi Island.

Between Chapters 12 and 14 of Namco × Capcom, Balkon Gerät is used to go underwater.

Balkon Gerät also appears in Marvel vs. Capcom 3.


Balkon Gerät's specifications in the first game.

  • Height: 27.8 m
  • Length: 24.35 m
  • Max. speed: 185.2 km/h



Balkon Gerät in Urakoi Island

  • Balkon Gerät means "Balcony Device" in German.

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