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Bandai Co., Ltd (株式会社バンダイ) is a Japanese toy and video game producing company founded in 1950. Besides its own merchandise, Bandai released a large variety of products over the years from different animations and video games, including the Mega Man franchise. In 2005, Bandai merged with Namco to form Bandai Namco Holdings.

Mega Man products

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Bandai made several Mega Man toys and the WonderSwan games Rockman & Forte: Mirai Kara no Chōsensha and Rockman.EXE WS.

Mega Man series

Bandai began working with the Mega Man series around 1992. Besides the toys listed below, Bandai also made a toy line based on the Ruby-Spears Mega Man animated series, a Rockman 8 line in the Mega Armor series, Mega Man cards for Super Barcode Wars, and a Rockman Carddass series.

Rockman Battle Set

Rockman Battle Set (ロックマンバトルセット) is a box with colorless model kits from Rockman 4 released in 1992.

  1. Rockman & Rush Coil (Rockman with Rush and Eddie)
  2. Rockman vs. Buster Blues (Rockman comes with Wire)
  3. Rockman vs. Ringman (Rockman comes with Ring Boomerang)
  4. Rockman vs. Pharaohman (Rockman comes with Pharaoh Shot)

Rockman 4

Rockman 4 candy toys released by Bandai in 1992. Each box included a plastic miniature set (their colors are random), one card, and a ramune candy.[1]


  1. Rockman A + New Rock Buster + Dr. Wily
  2. Rockman B + Dust Man + Dust Crusher
  3. Rockman C + Pharaoh Man + Pharaoh Shot
  4. Rockman D + Ring Man + Ring Boomerang
  5. Rockman E + Drill Man + Drill Bomb
  6. Rush Marine + Dive Man + Dive Missile
  7. Rush Coil + Skull Man + Skull Barrier
  8. Rush Jet + Bright Man + Dompan
  9. Eddie + Toad Man + Gyotot
  10. Blues + Dr. Cossack + Sasoreenu


  • Rockman
  • Rockman (Flash Stopper)
  • Rockman (Rain Flush)
  • Rockman (Drill Bomb)
  • Rockman (Pharaoh Shot)
  • Rockman (Ring Boomerang)
  • Rockman (Dust Crusher)
  • Rockman (Dive Missile)
  • Rockman (Skull Barrier)
  • Rockman & Blues

All miniatures were later released together in a set named Rockman Collection Box 20 (ロックマンコレクションボックス20), which also included a board game to play with them.

Rockman Fight

Various Rockman 4 candy toys released in 1992 that came with a scenario. Some of the figures are: Rockman, Blues, Bright Man, Drill Man, Pharaoh Man, Ring Man, Dive Man and Skull Man. Its unknown at moment how many there are.[2]

Buster Rockman and Buster Blues

Buster Rockman and Buster Blues.

Buster Rockman (バスターロックマン) and Buster Blues (バスターブルース) are 1992 figures that can emit light and sounds from their busters.

Party Joy Shinan'yaku boardgame

Rockman 4 board game

Rockman 4: Aratanaru Yabou!! (ロックマン4 新たなる野望!!) is a board game based on Mega Man 4. It is the fifth board game from Bandai's Party Joy Shinan'yaku Series.

Rockman 5

Rockman 5 miniatures.

  1. Rockman (A) + Super Rock Buster + Wave Man
  2. New Rush Coil + Charge Man + Metall
  3. Beat + Stone Man + Power Stone
  4. Rockman (B) + Napalm Man + Napalm Bomb
  5. Rockman (C) + Gravity Man + Mizzile
  6. Rush + Gyro Man + Gyro Attack
  7. Rockman (D) + Crystal Man + Crystal Eye
  8. Rockman (E) + Star Man + Star Crash
  9. Blues (A) + Dr. Right + Taban
  10. Blues (B) + Roll + Mousubeil

Fighting Stage series

The Fighting Stage (ファイティングステージ) series is a set of figures from Rockman 5 with a small playset.

  1. Rock Area (Mega Man and Beat. Wily Stage 1.)
  2. Rush Area (Rush, which can turn into New Rush Coil and Rush Jet. Wily Stage 2.)
  3. Star Area (Star Man and a Met. Star Man's stage.)
  4. Blues Area (Proto Man and Eddie. Proto Man Stage)

The package also shows other scenarios and toys of other Robot Masters, but apparently none of them were released.

Rockman 5 Battle Can Box

Rockman 5 Battle Can Box.png

Rockman 5 Battle Can Box (ロックマン5 バトルカンボックス) is a metal pen case that includes a small board game.


  • Rockman
  • Blues
  • Rush
  • Eddie
  • Wave Man
  • Gyro Man
  • Star Man
  • Crystal Man

Kacha Kacha Freedass

Kacha Kacha Freedass

Kacha Kacha Freedass (カチャカチャフリーダス, also written as カチャ²フリーダス) is a small Rockman 5 game that has player A as Rockman and player B as Dr. Wily. Each player has 3000 HP and draws chips to cause damage. The first to defeat the opponent wins.

Rockman 6

Rockman 6 miniatures.

  1. Power Rockman (A) + Yamato Man
  2. Power Rockman (B) + Knight Man
  3. Beat & Eddie + Weapon Energy + Gamarn and Gamadayu
  4. Rush Jet + Blizzard Man + Spring Face Bomb
  5. Rockman (A) + Plant Barrier + Wind Man
  6. Rockman (B) + Yamato Spear + Centaur Man
  7. Rockman (C) + Flame Man + Shield Attacker GTR
  8. Jet Rockman (A) + Plant Man + Curlinger
  9. Jet Rockman (B) + Mr. X + Batabattan
  10. Blues + Tomahawk Man

Rockman 6 Dynamic Battle

Rockman 6 Dynamic Battle

Rockman 6 Dynamic Battle (ロックマン6 ダイナミックバトル) is a box that includes twelve miniatures and a mini card.

  • Rockman
  • Power Rockman
  • Jet Rockman
  • Beat
  • Blizzard Man
  • Centaur Man
  • Flame Man
  • Plant Man
  • Knight Man
  • Tomahawk Man
  • Wind Man
  • Yamato Man

Action Rockman

Action Rockman (アクションロックマン) is a series of Rockman 7 candy toy miniatures released in 1995, which includes one character and one big enemy. Technodon and Stegoras are wind-up toys. Kanigance, Gamerizer and Mad Grinder can dash with a pullback motor.[3]

Rockman Rittai Daizukan

First Volume

Rockman Rittai Daizukan (ロックマン 立体大図鑑 "Rockman Three-Dimensional Encyclopedia") is a series with Rockman 4-7 miniatures in a box shaped like a book. It was released in two versions, "First Volume" (上巻 Joukan) and "Last Volume" (下巻 Gekan). Each box includes 18 figures, a ramune candy, and a large card with a picture and brief summary of the 16 boss characters.

First Volume:

  • Rockman
  • Blues
  • Bright Man
  • Toad Man
  • Drill Man
  • Pharaoh Man
  • Ring Man
  • Dust Man
  • Dive Man
  • Skull Man
  • Blizzard Man
  • Centaur Man
  • Knight Man
  • Cloud Man
  • Shade Man
  • Freeze Man
  • Turbo Man
  • Burst Man

Last Volume:

  • Super Rockman
  • Forte
  • Gravity Man
  • Wave Man
  • Stone Man
  • Gyro Man
  • Star Man
  • Charge Man
  • Napalm Man
  • Crystal Man
  • Flame Man
  • Plant Man
  • Tomahawk Man
  • Wind Man
  • Yamato Man
  • Slash Man
  • Spring Man
  • Junk Man

Rockman Fighters

Rockman Fighters (ロックマンファイターズ) is a Rockman 8 series of candy toys released in 1996.[4]

Power Buster Rockman

Power Buster Rockman (パワーバスターロックマン) is a 1997 box containing one of four Rockman 8 PVC figures and a ramune candy.[5] The figures are around 4-inch and have articulations on the wrist, arms, and head.

  • Rockman
  • Folte (sic, Forte)
  • Burues (sic, Blues)
  • Duo

Rockman & Forte

Rockman & Forte candy toys released in 1998.[6]

Rockman Chasers

Rockman Chasers (ロックマンチェイサーズ) is a candy toy series released in 1997 that contains miniature vehicles from Rockman: Battle & Chase.[7]

  1. Rockman & Roll-chan
  2. Blues & Ice Man
  3. Forte & Spring Man
  4. Quick Man & Guts Man
  5. Shadow Man & Napalm Man

Mega Man X series

Like Mega Man, Bandai made several Mega Man X products, one of the most notable releases being the Mega Armor series. Bandai also made the Rockman X3 Buster Battle minigame, a Rockman X Carddass series and the Rockman X Mega Mission series.

Rockman Collection

Rockman Collection.png

Rockman Collection (ロックマンコレクション) is a series released by Bandai in 1993 based on the first Rockman X game. Each box contained a pair of PVC figures, a small figure, a card, and a ramune candy.

Figures Mini figure
Rockman X (A) Sting Chameleao Ray Bit
Rockman X (B) Storm Eagleed Sine Faller
Rockman X (C) Burnin' Noumander Spiky
Rockman X (D) Icy Penguigo Rush Roader
Rockman X (E) Spark Mandriller Gulpfer
Bospider Armor Armarge Petitpider
Velguarder Launcher Octopuld Metall C-15
Mole Borer Boomer Kuwanger Mega Tortoise
Zero Sigma Batton M-501
Sigma (2nd form) Utuboros Sigma's claws

Rockman X Rockman Lock

Rockman X Rockman Lock.png

Rockman X Rockman Lock (ロックマンXロックマンロック) is a gashapon padlock with an image of X or Zero released in 1994.[8]

Game Project File Rockman X2

Game Project File Rockman X2.png

Game Project File is a simple electronic organizer with a Mega Man X2 LCD game.

Rockman Machine

Rockman Machine (ロックマンマシン) is a series released by Bandai in 1994 based on the first Rockman X game.[9]

Green package:

  1. Rockman X & Ride Armor
  2. Rockman X & RT-55J
  3. Rockman X (MAX) & Bee Blader
  4. Rockman X (MAX) & Parts Capsule
  5. Zero & Road Attacker

Red package:

  1. Rockman X & Utuboros
  2. Rockman X (MAX) & Storm Eagleed
  3. Zero & Σ (2nd Form)
  4. Hoganmer & Mega Tortoise
  5. VAVA & Ride Armor

Muscle Power Rockman

Muscle Power Rockman (マッスルパワーロックマン) is a line of figures released in 1994.[10]

Rockman X2:

Rockman Base

Rockman Base (ロックマンベース) is a collection based on Mega Man X3 with scenarios and miniatures released by Bandai in 1996.[11]

Rockman Factory

Rockman Factory (ロックマンファクトリー) is a candy toy collection based on Mega Man X3 that was released by Bandai in 1996.[12]

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

  • Rockman X + Buster Shot + Press Disposer
  • Rockman X (MAX) + Cross Charge Shot + Volt Kurageil
  • Zero + Saber + Victoroid
  • Sigma + Shield + REX-2000 + Mini Mad Joey
  • Doppler (combat form) + Chimera + Mini Rockman X
  • Vajurila FF + Brown Bear + Mini VAVA Mk-II
  • Snow Rider + Snow Slider
  • Sigma (final form)

Rockman Ride

Rockman Ride (ロックマンライド) is a set of miniatures with Ride Armors released by Bandai in 1996.[13]

  • Chimera / Frog & Rockman X (MAX)
  • Kangaroo / Hawk & Rockman X
  • Ride Armor & Rockman X (Ride Armor from first game)
  • Rabbit & Rockman X (Ride Armor from second game)
  • Kaiser Sigma & Zero

Super Max Rockman

Super Max Rockman.png

Super Max Rockman (スーパーマックスロックマン) contains miniatures released by Bandai in 1996.[14]

  • Rockman X (MAX)
  • Zero
  • VAVA Mk-II
  • Vajurila FF
  • Mandarela BB
  • Rockman X (Frost Shield)
  • Rockman X (Bug Hole)
  • Rockman X (Acid Rush)

Rockman Blow

Rockman X3 Rockman Blow.png

Rockman Blow (ロックマンブロウ Rokkuman Burou) is a 1996 Rockman X3 container shaped like X (normal or full armor) that is filled with grape flavored ramune candies.[15]

Mega Buster Pencil

Mega Buster Pencil

Rockman X3 Mega Buster Pencil (ロックマン X3 メガバスターペンシル) is a pencil line from Rockman X3. Each set includes two pencils and two miniatures.

No. Blue figure Red figure
1 Rockman X Dr. Doppler
3 Rockman X (Max Version) Vajurila FF

Mega Man Legends series

A Mega Man Legends 2 line was part of the Mega Armor series.

Mega Man Battle Network series

With the anime MegaMan NT Warrior, many toys where released, including action figures, PETs, and Battle Chips. Bandai worked on early products from the series before Takara became the major manufacturer from the series with the collectable Battle Chips. The Plug-in PET was designed by Bandai. Besides the toys listed below, Bandai also made a toy version of the Plug-in PET and a Rockman.EXE Card Game.


Rockman.EXE miniatures released by Bandai in 2001.[16]

  1. Rockman A
  2. Rockman B
  3. Netto Hikari + Metall
  4. Roll + Kabutank
  5. Blues
  6. Gutsman
  7. Fireman
  8. Woodman

Rockman.EXE Full Color Collection

Rockman.EXE Full Color Collection

Rockman.EXE Full Color Collection (ロックマンエグゼ フルカラーコレクション) is a series of gashapon figures released by Bandai.

Rockin' Action

Rockin' Action (ロッキンアクション Rokkin Akushon) is a series of figures released by Bandai. The parts from the figures are interchangeable. Each figure also includes a Rockman Cube Battle Chip piece.

Two figures from the line can be seen in Lan's room in Mega Man Battle Network 3.

RockinActionRNormal.png Rockman Normal Style
Includes Rock Buster, Cannon, Paladin Sword, one extra hand, one extra head (with face guard), and Rush.
Rockman Cube piece: Normal (Attack 80 +40 points, 8 Custom Points)
RockinActionRHeat.png Rockman Heat Guts Style
Includes Cross Gun, Wide Sword, Kaen Hou Sha (Flamethrower), one extra hand, one extra head, and a Metall virus (with pickaxe).
Rockman Cube piece: Heat Guts (Attack 70 +50 points, 8 Custom Points)
RockinActionRWood.png Rockman Wood Shield Style

Rockinaction Rockman EXE Electric Brother Style.jpg Rockman Elec Brother Style
Includes Count Bomb (hand and bomb parts), Fighter Sword, Rabiring, one extra hand, one extra head, and a Kabutank virus.
Rockman Cube piece: Elec Brother (Attack 70 +50 Points, 8 Custom Points)
Rockin Action Rockman Elec Guts Style.png Rockman Elec Guts Style
Includes Cross Gun, Wide Sword, Rabiring, one extra hand, one extra head, and a Metall 2 virus (with pickaxe).
Rockman Cube piece: Elec Guts (Attack 70 +40 Points, 8 Custom Points)
RockinActionRAqua.png Rockman Aqua Custom Style

サイトスタイル 100 -50Pデコウカ Rockman Saito Style
Rock Buster, V-Gun, Variable Sword ("Valuable Sword" in the package), one extra hand, one extra head, and a Fuderō virus.
Rockman Cube piece: Saito Style (100 -50P effect, 8 Custom Points)
Rockinaction Rockman EXE Sight Style.jpg Rockman Sight Style (Saito Style)
Same as the default version, but the figure and its parts are transparent green and the virus has the color of its second version. Also includes a Saito Style card for the Rockman.EXE Card Game.
ROCKMAN ROCKINACTION BANDAI 2002 .jpg Rockman Saito Style (Plug in ver.) & Rockman Elec-Guts Style
Same content as separated versions. Saito Style is the transparent version.
RockinActionBlues.png Blues
Includes Knight Sword, Muramasa, three extra hands and one extra head.
Rockman Cube piece: Blues
RockinActionForte.png Forte
Includes Earth Breaker and Machine Gun Arm parts, one extra hand, mantle, a Sword for Blues, and a Rabirī virus.
Rockman Cube piece: Forte (No attribute). Attack 100 +40 points. 10 Custom Points.
Rockinaction Rockman EXE Blues vs Forte.jpg Blues vs Forte
Same content as separated versions.

Rockman Cube

Rockman Cube (ロックマンキューブ) is a series of miniatures inside transparent cubes released by Bandai in 2002. The cubes are used to battle against other cubes, each cube having an Attack, Charge, and Rapid stat listed on its back, and four slots for Battle Chip pieces on the bottom.

Two Rockman Cubes can be seen in Lan's room in Mega Man Battle Network 3, where they are called "MegaCubes" in the English version.

Starter Data 1 Rockman Cube Starter Data 1
Includes two cubes (Rockman with Buster and Rockman Heat Guts Style), twelve Battle Chips, and one HP counter.
Starter Data 2 Rockman Cube Starter Data 2
Includes two cubes (Rockman with a Sword and Rockman Elec Brother Style), twelve Battle Chips, and one HP counter.
Starter Data 3 Rockman Cube Starter Data 3
Includes two cubes (Blues and Rockman Aqua Custom Style), twelve Battle Chips, and one HP counter.
Double Starter Data 1 Rockman Cube W Starter Data 1
Includes four cubes (Rockman Heat Brother Style, Rockman Elec Shield Style, Rockman Aqua Guts Style, and Rockman Wood Custom Style), twenty-four Battle Chips, and two HP counters.
Rockman Cube Booster 1.jpg Rockman Cube Booster Data 1
Includes one random cube and random Battle Chip pieces. Might have also gotten a Taiwan release.
Rockman Cube Booster 2.jpg Rockman Cube Booster Data 2

Donjara Compact Rockman.EXE

Donjara Compact Rockman.EXE (ドンジャラコンパクト ロックマンエグゼ) is a Mega Man Battle Network themed Donjara game released by Bandai in August 2002.

This game appeared inside the Ura Inn in Mega Man Battle Network 3, where it is said to be a gin rummy game in the English version.

Multiple series

Battle Brusher

Battle Brusher (バトルブラッシャー) is a line of miniatures released by Bandai that included several franchises, including the Rockman and Rockman X series. A box includes a warrior set, and some include a ring for the warriors to fight against each other.

Rockman 7:

  • Rockman
  • Super Rockman
  • Blues
  • Forte
  • Turbo Man

Rockman X2:

Rockman X3:



CM バンダイ キャラコバッチ ロックマン・ストリートファイターⅡ

Charakobatti commercial

Charakobatti (キャラコバッチ Kyarakobatchi, short for Character Koma Batti, lit. "Character Top Batch"), known as Spin Fighters outside Japan, is a top toy line created by Bandai in 1992. The tops, usually made of metal, included pictures of characters from several media, including the Mega Man and Mega Man X series.[17]

Rockman Select

Rockman Select (ロックマンセレクト) is a series released by Bandai in 1994. It had four series, two based on Rockman 7 and two on Rockman X2.

Each box from the first Rockman 7 set included two PVC figures, a small figure, a card, and a ramune candy. The amount of figures in the second set varied.

The boxes from the Rockman X2 line included two PVC figures, one sticker, and a ramune candy.[18]

Rockman 7 series 1 figures:

Figures Miniature or accessory
Super Rockman A Turbo Man Turbo Roader
Super Rockman B Burst Man Kerone
Rockman King Gojulus Cyorown
Blues Cloud Man Shield
Freeze Man Guts Man G True Shield Attacker
Rightot Shade Man Ragger
Junk Man Sniper Joe 01 Shield
Slash Man Technodon Rockman
Forte Gospel Heli Metall
Wily Machine 7 Spring Man Skull-Ton

Rockman 7 series 2 figures:

Figure Miniature or accessory
Rockman Swim Metall DX
Shirokumachine GTV N/A
Super Rockman Gockroach S
VAN Pookin N/A, but VAN Pookin has three parts, being closed without the central part.
Super Forte Kintot
Turbo Man (Car Type) N/A
Rush Tel Tel
Gilliam Knight N/A
Astro Zombieg Coffin
Mash Head
Sisi Truck Sisi Rocket
Roll N/A

Rockman X2 figures:

The first series included X (normal and MAX), Zero, Sigma, and six of the eight bosses. The second set included X piloting a Ride Armor and a Ride Chaser, Bubbly Crablos, Cristar Mymine, the Counter Hunters, Sea Canthller, and Raider Killer.

Rockman Graffiti

Rockman Graffiti box

Rockman Graffiti content

Rockman Graffiti (ロックマングラフィティ) is a candy toy released by Bandai in 1995 with miniatures from the original and X series. It contains 17 miniatures, 6 stickers, and a large card containing a picture of each boss from the games.[19][20]

  • Rockman 4: Rockman, Rush
  • Rockman 5: Blues, Beat, Eddie, Weapon Energy
  • Rockman 6: Jet Rockman, Power Rockman
  • Rockman Mega World: Buster Rod G, Mega Water S, Hyper Storm H
  • Rockman X: Rockman X (MAX), Zero, VAVA
  • Rockman X2: Rockman X, Rockman X (MAX), Zero

Super Model Spirit Rockman


Super Model Spirit Rockman (超造形魂ロックマン) is a set of figures released by Bandai in May 30, 2010.[21]

  • Rockman and Metall A (Rockman)
  • Rockman and Metall B (Rockman)
  • Roll (Rockman)
  • Forte A (Rockman 7)
  • Forte B (Rockman 7)
  • Blues (Rockman 3)
  • X (Rockman X)
  • Zero (Rockman X2)
  • Zero (Rockman Zero)
  • Airman (Rockman 2)
  • Cutman (Rockman)

Rockman Swing

Rockman Swing

Rockman Swing (ロックマンスイング) is a set of keychains released by Bandai in 2015.[22]

  • Yellow Devil
  • X
  • Rockman
  • Rock Volnutt
  • Rockman (Rockman.EXE)

66 Action Dash

66 Action Dash

66 Action Dash (66アクションダッシュ) is part of the 66 Action series of candy toys from Bandai containing 66mm articulated figures. A Rockman line was released on April 18, 2017 with a soda flavored gum.[23][24] A second line was released on September 17, 2018.[25]

Volume 1:

# Figure Series Extra
1 Rockman Rockman E Can
2 X Rockman X Dash effect
3 Rockman Rockman.EXE Sword
4 Rock Volnutt Rockman DASH 2 Kobun
5 Secret (Rockman with red and white colors) Rockman Rush

Volume 2:

# Figure Series Extra
1 X Rockman X Left arm part
2 VAVA Rockman X Glass
3 Rockman Meteor Rockman Sword
4 Cutman Rockman Met
5 Super Rockman Rockman Rocket buster effect.

Super Minipla

Super Minipla Ride Armor: Vile's Ride Armor & Hawk Unit

Super Minipla Ride Armor: Ride Armor Chimera & Kangaroo Unit

Super Minipla (スーパーミニプラ) is a line of figures from Bandai. Two customizable Ride Armors were released in the series on September 17, 2018, the Chimera Ride Armor from Mega Man X3 (with parts to change it into the Kangaroo Ride Armor) and Vile's Ride Armor from Mega Man X (with Hawk Ride Armor parts). They are compatible with the 66 Action Dash Rockman figures.[26]

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