Barite Lastar (パーティラスター Pāti Rasutā) is the wall-walking military Mechaniloid used to defend bases. It appears as an enemy in Mega Man X2 and Mega Man Xtreme. It appears in Flame Stag's stage, Bubble Crab's stage, and a few of the X-Hunter Stages.

Once X is spotted, it will walk around to find a proper position, spin its front cannon and then shoot a 3-way laser shot.

It is susceptible to all weapons except for the Crystal Hunter, and the X-Buster itself is able to destroy them easily. However, due to their common positioning within narrow walls, the Silk Shot is also a good weapon choice against them.

Other Media

Barite Lastars are seen in the Rockman X2 manga defending Bubble Crab's base alongside Scrivers. One Barite Lastar can be seen on the variant cover of the Archie Comics Mega Man #40.


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