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"I'll give you a choice. Either you wander the Undernet for eternity, or I delete you right now! (...) Begone! (...) If Earth continues to exist, we will meet again...Rockman."
―Bass.EXE’s final words, episode 51, Rockman.EXE Stream

Bass.EXE, known as Forte.EXE (フォルテエグゼ Forute Eguze) in Japan, is a Solo NetNavi that was created from the remaining data of PharaohMan.EXE. He is an immensely powerful Navi who has complete control over darkness and corrupted data, and has appeared as an enemy and ally of MegaMan.EXE and desires his and ProtoMan.EXE’s Ultimate Program to merge with his own. Later, he becomes the main enemy of Slur.EXE, who initially overpowers even Bass, before Bass absorbs Nebula Gray.


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Upon first being “born” from PharaohMan’s residual data, Bass was an empty husk, seeking out something even he was not aware of.


MegaMan NT Warrior

He appears in episode 32.

He appears in episode 48.

He appears in episode 49.

He appears in episode 50.

He appears in episode 51.

MegaMan NT Warrior Axess

He appears in episode 41.

He appears in episode 46.

He appears in episode 50.

He appears in episode 51.


Rockman.EXE Stream

Forte reappears in his Kid Gospel disguise watching C.F. Rockman and C.F. Blues delete a giant Metool that has materialized in the the real world. He redirects Rockman away from his PET when he and Netto un-fuse, sending him to a remote location in the cyberworld where Rockman accuses him of sending the Metool, which he denies. He tells Rockman that the world is facing a danger unlike any it has ever seen, and while he does not know or care what will happen to humanity, it is a danger to Earth's cyberworld as well. Rockman questions what the danger is but Forte teleports behind him and grabs him, stating he need Rockman's Ultimate Program to become powerful enough to face the threat. He attempts to fight Forte, but Forte merely dodges his attacks before surrounding Rockman with several copies of himself. Rockman tries to find the real one to no avail, and his Ultimate Program activates. Duo (episode)

He appears in episode 2.

Rockman.EXE: Hikari to Yami no Program

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This film takes place between episodes 22 and 29 of Stream. Episodes 29 and beyond are summarized after this section.

He appears in the movie where he is captured by Nebula Gray and possessed to serve him. He is unpossessed and joins Rockman, and the two merge to become Forte Cross Rockman. He is pulled into the Undernet where he absorbs Nebula Gray.

Stream cont.

He appears in episode 50 and 51.



Bass's abilities in the anime are a conglomerate of abilities he has in the games, though unlike his video game counterpart, he does not seem to be able to take actual abilities from his targets, merely their power.


Bass absorbing MegaMan's Ultimate Program.

Bass is able to absorb any and all data, even those that are bugged or evil, obtaining its power. Unlike the games, he does not seem to take his targets abilities, but merely adds their strength to his own. Two notable instances is when he absorbs MegaMan for his Ultimate Program, and later when he absorbs Nebula Grey and adds his power to his own.


Nebeula Grey's silhouette appears above Bass when he shows Slur his new found powers.

After Nebula Gray's defeat in Hikari to Yami no Program, Bass absorbed his data, gaining Nebula Gray's power. During his fight with Slur, Bass declares he is no longer than same as he was before as Nebula Gray's silhouette forms above him, and he uses the monster's power to overcome and delete Slur.


Bass using Hell's Rolling against Slur.

One of Bass's most used attacks. He throws several purple bladed wheels of energy at his opponent.


Bass using Darkness Overload against Dr. Regal.

Bass shoots a massive beam of dark energy at his target. He can also throw smaller balls of energy at enemies that explode on impact.


Bass using his Dark Arm Blades against MegaMan.

Bass summons a purple blade made of dark energy to fight with.

Bass forms a volatile ball of energy he uses to smash into his enemies, causing an explosion.

Bass throws a yellow ball of explosive energy at his opponent.

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Forte appears as the secret final boss of the Boss Rush mode in Rockman.EXE WS that unlocks after one beats the game twice, where he will appear immediately after the player defeats Gospel. After being defeated, he will simply teleport away and the player is ranked on how well they did.


  • Bass's origins in the anime are completely different from his video game counterpart. Rather than a creation of Dr. Cossak that felt he was betrayed by humanity, Bass was born from the residual data of PharaohMan.EXE.
  • Bass’s relationship to Slur is like his video game counterpart’s relationship with Serenade.EXE: They are both incredibly powerful genderless Navis that Bass fought and lost to after a long battle, though Bass would eventually return and defeat Slur, whereas it is not revealed if he ever came back and re-challenged Serenade.

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