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"I'll give you a choice. Either you wander the UraNet for eternity, or I delete you right now! (...) Begone! (...) If Earth continues to exist, we will meet again...Rockman."
―Bass's final words, episode 51, Rockman.EXE Stream

Bass, known as Forte (フォルテ Forute) in Japan, is a character in the MegaMan NT Warrior anime series. A Solo NetNavi created from the residual data of PharaohMan, Bass is an immensely powerful Navi who has complete control over darkness and corrupted data, and has appeared as an enemy and ally of MegaMan and desires his and ProtoMan's Ultimate Program to merge with his own. Later, he becomes the main enemy of Slur, who initially overpowers even Bass, before Bass absorbs Nebula Gray.


Bass in the Second Area intro of the first season.

Bass's origins in the anime are wildly different than his video game counterpart's. Rather than a creation of Dr. Cossak who grew to hate humanity due to them nearly deleting him after he was blamed for Alpha's rampage, Bass was instead born from the residual data of PharaohMan after his deletion. Unlike in the games, Bass does not come to be associated with Gospel or the WWW, but comes into conflict with Nebula and Duo instead for his own reasons. He still shares his game counterpart's motives of becoming the strongest being and his hatred for humanity, but rather than striving to destroy the network as well, he seeks to rule it.

At first Bass was an empty husk seeking out something he was missing. Upon scanning MegaMan's memories, Bass learns of his origins, and having been "awakened", he reclaims his Ultimate Program and inherits PharaohMan's hatred of humanity due to his sealing by Tadashi Hikari, and deems the human world worthless while observing it through Kid Grave's body. Bass begins absorbing data to become the strongest being on the planet to conquer the cyberworld and becomes a maniacal and power-hungry being, absorbing many powerful programs, though he still retains his rational thought and even teams up with his nemesis MegaMan on occasion to save the cyberworld or stop a mutual threat. Despite Bass's affinity for darkness, he refuses the advances of others such as Nebula, and though he has no care of what happens to humankind, Bass defends the world itself from all threats such as Duo and Slur, as the world homes the cyberworld. When given the chance, Bass left Earth to wander the cyberworld of space, vowing to face his rival, MegaMan again one day.

Bass in Stream's intro.

Despite several factors, including his personality, his lack of appearances, view on the world and humanity, and relationship with MegaMan, Bass has actually helped save the world indirectly several times. Due to him coming in contact with MegaMan, MegaMan was able to use Bug Style and defeat the Grave Virus Beast and reset the internet. When he combined with MegaMan to become Bass Cross MegaMan, the two were able to defeat Nebula Gray. Finally, because Bass defeated Slur, the Cross Fusion Members were able to confront Duo without first dealing with Slur. However, Bass has also been a great hindrance, such as when he resurrected ShadeMan. Though his intentions were to have ShadeMan stop Duo, ShadeMan instead became a great threat to MegaMan in Stream. He also attempted to take MegaMan and ProtoMan's Ultimate Programs and damaged the Past Tunnel while fighting Slur. Ultimately, this all shows Bass's morally gray attitude and that he is only looking out for himself.

Bass's relationship with Slur reflects his relationship with Serenade in the video games and manga as the two are only just above equal to Bass in power and are considered androgynous beings, though whereas Bass lost to Serenade in the games and seems to have never challenged him again, Bass eventually overcomes and defeats Slur, similar to Bass and Serenade in the manga.


MegaMan NT Warrior

Bass overlooks NetCity while absorbing data.

Bass debuts when MegaMan spots him standing on the edge of a building in NetCity with a blank expression absorbing data with his hand. MegaMan watches him as he walks off the edge of the building and vanishes. When MegaMan is attacked by AirMan, Bass senses something. NetCity!
Bass stands in a beam of light as MegaMan and his friends attempt to bring down the Grave virus factory. The Virus Factory

Bass stares at MegaMan silently before leaving.

Some time later, Bass floats above NetCity silently before detecting the presence of the Grave Virus Beast absorbing an BlazeQuest NetNavi. When the Virus Beast begins running amok and attacks the battle stadium and overpowers MegaMan, ProtoMan, and absorbs ThunderMan, Bass appears before the beast before he can absorb MegaMan. The two stare each other down silently for a moment before Grave leaves, followed shortly by Bass. The VirusBeast!

Bass, frozen solid by FreezeMan, levitates the building he's on into the air.

Kid Grave and Mr. Wily later monitor the mysterious NetNavi, where Wily names him "Bass" and Kid Grave deems him a threat to their plan, ordering FreezeMan to delete him. Later MegaMan feels his presence and confronts him before the two are attacked by FreezeMan. FreezeMan shoots three icicles into Bass, but Bass's eyes glow red and crumbles the roof beneath FreezeMan and the icicles shatter, having done no damage. FreezeMan ices over the entire building they're on along with Bass and boasts about how easy it was to beat the Solo NetNavi, but Bass, encased in ice, levitates the entire building into the air. FreezeMan is distracted by the arrival of HeatMan and MegaMan makes his way to confront Bass again, who whisks MegaMan away.

Bass is confronted by MegaMan's friends as he regains his memories.

Lan and his friends track MegaMan to the ruins of the World Three's base, where Bass has put MegaMan in a lucid state and is scanning his memories, where he learns of his origins. Given a purpose and a hatred for humans, Bass is confronted by MegaMan's friends and the World Three Navis, where he finally speaks and states that he has "awakened" before disappearing with a burst of light. Grave (episode)[1]

Bass is torn apart after attempting to absorb the Grave VirusBeast.

Bass confronts the Grave Virus Beast, who tries to crush him, but Bass easily pushes the beast back. Wily explains that Bass and Grave are like brothers, and that Bass was born from PharaohMan's data and is seeking his Ultimate Program, which is inside Grave, and that Bass learned of all this by coming into contact with MegaMan. Bass smashes a building into Grave and attempts to absorb the beast to take back the Ultimate Program, but is unable to contain the power, and is seemingly obliterated as Grave reforms. Bass (episode)

Bass inside Kid Grave's body as he leaves Wily and begins to roam the real world.

Mr. Famous explains that when Bass came into contact with MegaMan's Ultimate Program, it resonated with Bass, and birthed a bug into MegaMan due to Bass's origins. After Grave is finally destroyed, Bass, who had been restored with the rest of the cyberworld and has recovered his Ultimate Program, inhabits Kid Grave's lifeless robotic body and vows to conquer the world in manic laughter as Wily curses him. The End of the End!

MegaMan NT Warrior Axess

Bass removes and crushes Allegro's electronic brain, destroying him.

Bass reappears in the second half of Axess where he reveals that he, in Kid Grave's body, has been observing the human world, and deems it to be useless. He also reveals himself to be the creator of Allegro, his "little brother"; a robot that can create Dimensional Areas at will. Unsatisfied with Allegro's childish personality, Bass removes Allegro's brain and crushes it. Dark ProtoMan offers Bass a place in Nebula, to which Bass simply tells Dark ProtoMan to "be gone", and de-materializes the Dimensional Area and disappears. Allegro (episode)[2]

Bass resurrects ShadeMan, telling him he sees a "future" in the Darkloids.

Bass observes the Darkloid attack on the NetPolice HQ in Kid Grave's body before going to a nearby computer and jacks himself in. He appears before a mourning BubbleMan and resurrects ShadeMan, who asks who Bass is. Bass brushes him off and simply states that he sees a future in the Darkloids before leaving. The Great NetPolice Battle!

Bass watches dissatisfied at ShadeMan's humiliating defeat.

He later watches in silence as ShadeMan prepares to face off against Dr. Regal. Dark VS Dark Upon ShadeMan's brutal defeat, Bass leaves quietly, displeased. Dr. Regal's Rampage[3]

Yamato Man

Rockman.EXE Stream

Forte redirects Rockman from his PET and attacks him.

Forte, in Gospel Leader's body, watches C.F. Rockman and C.F. Blues delete a giant Metall that has materialized in the the real world. He redirects Rockman away from his PET when he and Netto un-fuse, sending him to a remote location in the cyberworld where Rockman accuses him of sending the Metall, which he denies. He tells Rockman that the world is facing a danger unlike any it has ever seen, and while he does not know or care what will happen to humanity, it is a danger to Earth's cyberworld as well.

Forte defeats Rockman and prepares to absorb his Ultimate Program.

Rockman questions what the danger is but Forte teleports behind him and grabs him, stating he need Rockman's Ultimate Program to become powerful enough to face the threat. He attempts to fight Forte, but Forte merely dodges his attacks before surrounding Rockman with several copies of himself. Rockman tries to find the real one to no avail, and his Ultimate Program activates. Forte defeats Rockman and prepares to absorb his Ultimate Program. Duo (episode)

Forte begins absorbing Blues' Ultimate Program.

Before Forte can take Rockman's Ultimate Program, Blues attacks him. Forte tells him to leave and that he will deal with him later before remembering that he needs Blues' Ultimate Program as well and settles on taking his before Rockman's. Blues creates a distraction and escapes with Rockman, but Forte catches up with them. He overpowers Blues and begin absorbing his Ultimate Program, but Rockman wakes up and distracts Forte long enough for Netto and Enzan to get within range of the fight to send Battle Chips. Forte fights Blues and Rockman briefly before retreating.

Forte faces defeat at the hands of Slur and is cast into the UraNet.

Later, Forte in his robotic disguise breaks into the Ministry of Science where he plugs himself in to reach Duo's Comet. Forte quickly approaches Duo's Comet before colliding with Slur, the resulting explosion frying the Gospel Leader's body, destroying it. Forte attacks Slur and announces his plans to delete Duo and take his power as his own, and uses his most powerful attacks on the extraterrestrial Navi, but it doesn't even phase her. Slur materializes cords around Forte's body and banishes him to the UraNet. Earth Erasure

Rockman.EXE: Hikari to Yami no Program

This film takes place between episodes 22 and 29 of Stream. Episodes 29 and beyond are summarized after this section.

Nebula Gray grabs Forte.

Floating aimlessly in a half-sleep in the UraNet, Forte awakens to an immense energy appearing before him. A face appears in the dark energy that Forte curses before a demonic creature grabs him.

A possessed Forte attacks Rockman.

Later, when Rockman tries to break into the TRINITY Brain Tower's network to shut down Spectrum, he is ambushed by Forte, who's eyes and helmet crystal had a deep purple glow. Forte attacks Rockman, who shoots him through the chest with Search Soul, but Forte vanishes and attacks him from behind and attempts to finish Rockman off before Colonel intervenes. Forte and Colonel fight as Rockman continues to destroy the Tadashi Hikari Program. The two drag the fight to where Rockman was where Colonel breaks Forte's possession, and Forte explains that after his confrontation with Slur and his subsequent banishment to the UraNet, he encountered Nebula Gray. Watching the demon rise, Colonel, Forte and Rockman retreat as Nebula Gray wipes out the surrounding net area.

Forte is unable to control Rockman's Ultimate Program and the two merge into Forte Cross Rockman.

Forte reappears when Rockman confronts Dr. Regal on KA-222 and fires large energy blasts at Regal, enraged at having been manipulated by a human. He and Rockman attack the insane scientist in vain. When Regal tries to finish his evolution, Forte blasts a hole into his pod and follows him, who is then followed by Rockman, but the two are rapidly overcome by Nebula Gray's wires who begin to get dismantle and absorb Rockman and Forte.

Forte is swallowed by the UraNet once more, cackling manically.

Rockman urges Forte to absorb his Ultimate Program, just as he has always wanted, which Forte does so after a bit of hesitation. However, Forte is unable to control the program, and instead the two merge into Forte Cross Rockman. As Forte Cross Rockman, they annihilate Nebula Gray, but Dr. Regal opens a wormhole to the UraNet. The two separate as they are sucked in, but Forte saves Rockman by blasting him forcing him to plug out, laughing manically as he returns to the UraNet.

Stream continued

Forte prepares to take revenge on Slur.

Forte arrives to get revenge on Slur in the Space-Time Tower's network during the climax of Stream as the final battle against Duo begins, promising he is not the same as before and it was time for Slur to be banished to the UraNet. Slur scoffs and the two engage in a destructive battle. Colonel Barrel

Forte punches through Slur's chest.

Their battle starts to cause massive damage to the Past Tunnel. Slur catches Forte in her cords again and taunts Forte, but he laughs and reiterates he is not the same being he once was and breaks free. The two battle more as Slur questions where Forte obtained such power, and he states he absorbed many powerful bug fragments in the UraNet as the silhouette of Nebula Gray rises from him. He tells Slur that thanks to Duo, he may now even go into the cyberworld of space and obtain new kinds of power, but he must first delete Slur.

Forte promises to meet Rockman again if the Earth survives before leaving into the cyberworld of space.

The two clash once more, causing more damage to the Past Gate. Forte blows through a damaged and exhausted Slur's chest with his hand and gives her an ultimatum: Wander the UraNet for all eternity or be deleted right then and now. Slur curses Forte, who clutches Slur's face and deletes her instantly. He ominously promises that if Earth survives its fight against Duo, that he and Rockman will meet again as he leaves into the cyberworld of space. Toward a New Future

Yamato Spear


Bass's abilities in the anime are a conglomerate of the abilities he has in the games, though unlike his video game counterpart, he does not seem to be able to take actual abilities from his targets, merely their power. Bass also seems to be able to transfer his power to others, such as when he resurrected ShadeMan.

Data Absorption

Bass absorbing MegaMan's Ultimate Program.

Bass is able to absorb any and all data, even those that are bugged or evil, obtaining its power. Unlike the games, he does not seem to take his targets abilities, but merely adds their strength to his own. Two notable instances is when he absorbs MegaMan for his Ultimate Program, and later when he absorbs Nebula Gray and adds his power to his own.

Genius Intellect

While not outwardly apparent, Bass seems to have large amount of intelligence, as he was able to create Allegro, a robot with the ability to generate Dimensional Areas at will, before anyone else. He is also an expert in fighting and is able to hold off and even beat the likes of ProtoMan and Colonel, two particularly strong and skilled Navis, in conventional combat.

Ultimate Program

Like MegaMan and ProtoMan, Bass possess and Ultimate Program, giving him immense power and potential. Originally PharaohMan's Ultimate Program, Bass recovered the program from the Grave Virus Beast after absorbing it. Bass seeks to merge his program with MegaMan and ProtoMan's, making him the ultimate being.

Kid Grave body

Bass inside of Kid Grave's body.

After the defeat of the Grave VirusBeast and the fall of the Netmafia, Bass claimed the lifeless Kid Grave body for himself. Bass used the body to observe and wander the human world, deeming it useless. He had the ability to jack himself in through the body, and superhuman strength. The body would later be ruined during the climax of Stream when Bass fought Slur, though Bass left Earth to go into space's cyberworld, leaving the broken body behind.


Main article: Allegro

Allegro, Bass's "younger brother".

Bass built Allegro, his “younger brother”, with the capability create Dimensional Areas at will. Curiously, Bass never actually used this ability, and instead continued to use Kid Grave's body even within Allegro's Dimensional Area. Bass destroyed Allegro when he was dissatisfied with his childish behavior.

Nebula Gray

Nebeula Gray's silhouette appears above Bass when he shows Slur his new found powers.

After Nebula Gray's defeat in Hikari to Yami no Program, Bass absorbed his data, gaining Nebula Gray's power. During his fight with Slur, Bass declares he is no longer the same as he was before as Nebula Gray's silhouette forms above him, and he uses the monster's power to overcome and delete Slur.


Bass using Hell's Rolling against Slur.

Hell's Rolling (ヘルズローリング Heruzu Rōringu):
One of Bass's most used attacks. He throws several purple bladed wheels of energy at his opponent.

Bass using Darkness Overload against Dr. Regal.

Darkness Overload (ダークネスオーバーロード Dākunesu Ōbārōdo):
Bass shoots a massive beam of dark energy at his target. He can also throw smaller balls of energy at enemies that explode on impact.

Bass using his Dark Arm Blades against MegaMan.

Dark Arm Blade (ダークアームブレード Dāku Āmu Burēdo):
Bass summons a purple blade made of dark energy to fight with.

Air Buster (エアバースト Ea Bāsuto):
Bass fires a yellow ball of energy from his buster.

Earth Breaker (アースブレイカー Āsu Bureikā):
Bass forms a volatile ball of energy he uses to smash into his enemies, causing an explosion.

Bass throws a yellow ball of explosive energy at his opponent.


Due to his immense and still-growing strength, Bass has very few apparent weaknesses, and can take on most any Earth NetNavi or threat. However, as seen twice, once when trying to absorb the Grave Virus Beast, and again when absorbing MegaMan's Ultimate Program, Bass was incapable of absorbing too much power at once, and doing so seemingly nearly getting himself deleted, although he survived both encounters. Bass's arrogance has also gotten the better of himself, the sole time truly being when he first fought with Slur and he had assumed he had defeated them, only for them to banish him to the Undernet. He is also susceptible to mind control if the force is strong enough, such as when he was possessed by Nebula Gray.

List of appearances

Yamato Man

Other appearances

Forte in Rockman.EXE WS.

Main article: Forte.EXE (Rockman.EXE WS boss)

Forte appears as the secret final boss of the Boss Rush mode in Rockman.EXE WS that unlocks after one beats the game twice, where he will appear immediately after the player defeats Gospel. After being defeated, he will simply teleport away and the player is ranked on how well they did.

Yamato Spear


Main article: Bass.EXE (anime)/Gallery


  • When Bass was taking control of Kid Grave's body at the end of the first season its was foreshadowed in the second intro of the Japanese version of the show, where Bass is shown before his cloak was blown by the wind, revealing Kid Grave's face.

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  1. In the dub, Wily simply says that Bass is his name, rather than that is what Wily has named him as he states in the Japanese version.
  2. In the dub, the scene where Bass reaches into Allegro's head and removes his brain is edited so that the light that was being produced from the action was more pronounced, blurring out the actual action of Bass reaching into his head. In the Japanese version, Bass can clearly be seen reaching into Allegro's head. Curiously, the scene of Bass destroying Allegro's actual brain was not censored.
  3. In the dub, Bass scoffs that the "Darkloid has failed" while leaving.