Bass Cross MegaMan promotional artwork.

Bass Cross MegaMan, known as Forte Cross Rockman (フォルテクロスロックマン) in Japan, is the name for the Cross transformation of MegaMan.EXE based on Bass.EXE. There are two variations, a gold (power-type) and a silver (speed-type)[1].


In the Game Boy Advance version of Mega Man Battle Network 5, Bass Cross was made available in two different forms: a gold form only available in Team ProtoMan, and a silver form only available in Team Colonel. The forms could only be acquired in the Japanese version of the game by the use of a special e-Reader card given out during Rockman.EXE/Duel Masters promotional double feature movies. Keeping the form on and going to 2 certain locations in the game, will unlock special cutscenes and a fight against the real Bass, which otherwise doesn't make a appearance in the game.

The same e-Reader Card can also be used in the Japanese version of MegaMan Battle Network 6. This time gold's abilities for Gregar version, and silver's abilities for Falzar version. It will give the same abilities as in BN5, but MegaMan's visual form won't change.

In the Double Team DS version of Mega Man Battle Network 5, Bass Cross is acquired instead by having a GBA version of Mega Man Battle Network 5 Team Colonel or Team ProtoMan cartridge with the Bass icon in the main menu (which appears after defeating Bass SP) in Slot-2 to unlock it. Alternatively, Bass Cross could also be obtained if the GBA version of Mega Man Battle Network 5 Team Colonel or Team ProtoMan had no save file on it (no 'Continue,' only 'New Game' option). This was likely an oversight by Capcom.

In the Wii U Virtual Console version, Bass Cross MegaMan is given to the player when they access the Network menu, along with all exclusive battle chips unobtainable in the version being played.


Bass Cross MegaMan

Both versions inherit Bass' unique features, such as cobra-like dual crests, the torn scarf and imitation of Bass' scar on the emblem point. A green gem is placed on the forehead, and the mask now covers the whole face by default. Disc-like extensions are placed along the joints and shoulders, with purple lines run across the body.

Power and Abilities

Gold Version

Gold Bass Cross MegaMan

Available in Team ProtoMan and Cybeast Gregar. This is considered the Power-type.

  • Non-elemental
  • No weakness
  • Mega Folder -2
  • Triple Buster
  • HP +200
  • Super Armor, MegaMan won't flinch in battle.
  • Charge Shot: Shooting Buster

Silver Version

Silver Bass Cross MegaMan

Available in Team Colonel and Cybeast Falzar. This is considered the Speed-type.

  • Non-elemental
  • No weakness
  • Mega Folder -2
  • Triple Buster
  • HP +20%
  • Float Shoes, MegaMan is immune to effects of panels except holes.
  • Charge Shot: Helz Rolling (Hell's Rolling in Japan)



Yamato Man

Forte Cross Rockman in the movie.

Forte Cross Rockman appears in the anime during the Japan-exclusive movie Rockman.EXE: Hikari to Yami no Program.

During their confrontation with Dr. Regal in the bowels of an abandoned Ameroppa military base, Netto and Rockman are joined suddenly by Forte, who is enraged for having earlier been brainwashed by Nebula Gray to serve the doctor. As Regal rises into his "vessel" above, Forte and Rockman followed.

While they're occupied, Regal summons Nebula Gray to capture them and drain them with wires. Unable to do anything and being drained of their power, Rockman turns to Forte, begging him to take his Ultimate Program - as it's their last chance defeat Nebula Gray and stop Spectrum. Netto pleads to not do it, but Forte was too happy to oblige. During the absorption, Forte realizes the power was too great even for him, tearing him apart and screams. There is a great explosion of power - as it dies down, a Gold Forte Cross Rockman emerges.

As Regal lowers from the core, Forte Cross Rockman immediately surges forward - attacking the vessel and wrecking the whole infrastructure. In a roar of fury, Regal transforms into Nebula Gray and begins his assault. During Nebula Gray's futile attacks, Forte Cross Rockman swaps to his Silver color. The Silver Forte Cross Rockman counterattacks with Hell's Rolling and Shooting Buster. Then finally, a powerful Darkness Overload, obliterating Nebula Gray's head. The monster reverts to the silvery fluid and leaves Forte Cross Rockman collapsing in exhaustion.

In his final escape, Dr. Regal summons a strange black hole portal. Netto is unable to plug out Rockman as Forte Cross Rockman is being sucked in by the portal. Regaining consciousness, the two split. Forte blasts away Rockman, allowing him to plug out. Forte laughs madly as he disappears into the vortex.

Yamato Spear


The Legendary Berserker

Bass Cross MegaMan first appears in Volume 11 of the manga, during the final battle against Nebula Gray. Notoriously given the name, Legendary Berserker.

When everyone except MegaMan, Bass, and Colonel are defeated by Nebula Gray, MegaMan asks Bass to perform Double Soul with him. Bass rebuts with an attack, reminding him that they are enemies and it's impossible for them to work together since they can only understand each other through fighting. Just as Nebula Gray's attack hit Bass, MegaMan pushes him out of the way and fatally injuring his body. To save MegaMan's life from deletion, Bass absorbs him, fusing into Bass Cross MegaMan.

Bass Cross MegaMan easily overpowers Nebula Gray until he receives damage to his body due to inability to withstand the fusion of Bass and MegaMan's power, something even Recovery BattleChips can't heal. As Bass Cross MegaMan decides to finish Nebula Gray, Cosmoman reveals ProtoMan, Tomahawkman, and Gyroman from Nebula Gray's stomach and threatens that they will be destroyed if he continues. Bass Cross MegaMan defends himself from the coming attacks instead of continuing to attack.

In their united minds, Bass scolds MegaMan but was ultimately amused by MegaMan's need to win without sacrifices. Finally, Colonel opens a path with Screen Divide, allowing Bass Cross MegaMan to land the final attack. However, it turns out that Nebula Gray is able to survive the attack by fusing with Cosmoman. Bass pushes MegaMan away, splitting the form. Without the powerful form and no allies by his side, MegaMan seeks new power.

Bass Cross appears again in a "Legendary Berserk" special chapter that takes place after the battle against Nebula Gray. MegaMan is part of the team of special Navis that have been ordered to delete the Devil Virus. On their way to face the virus, MegaMan sacrifices himself to protect Numberman from a virus' attack. While MegaMan was floating as his data started to disperse, Bass appears and absorbs him. Just before the virus destroyed the last line of defense, Bass Cross MegaMan arrives in the nick of time and effortlessly destroys the virus. Bass diffuses with MegaMan and leaves the scene as Colonel comments how the world is once again by the one that hates the world more than anyone (Bass).



MegaMan Bass Soul

  • Bass Cross MegaMan's design is heavily taken from the scrapped Bass Soul concept intended for Mega Man Battle Network 4, with addition of a scarf and new boots being the biggest changes.
  • Bass Cross' battle sprite is only an overlay on base form MegaMan's body. Limited by this rule, his battle sprite's design looks nothing like the art from the torso down.
    • This overlay can be seen more clearly when he's performing the Anti Sword chip in the Gameboy Advance version, as the overlay won't line up with the body.
  • Bass Cross' buster designs are completely different between the game and anime.
  • Unlike the games and anime, where Bass' roles diminishes as the series went on, the manga kept Bass as a constant factor in the manga’s story. Making this form's appearance as accumulation of their development.
  • The special Bass fights in Mega Man Battle Network 5 are the only instance that the real Bass appears in the game's cutscenes. Chaos Lord can assume his form in the postgame but the real Bass never appears.
  • In Battle Network 5 multiplayer matches, if the opponent has Bass Cross, instead of MegaMan as the enemy tag, it will be BCMegaMn (FCロックマン FCRockman).


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