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A Battle Chip (バトルチップ Batoru Chippu), usually written as "BattleChip" or simply "chip" in the games, is a data storage device in the Mega Man Battle Network series that an operator can insert in the PET to transfer its data to a NetNavi, giving support in combat. There is a wide variety of Battle Chips that serve various purposes, like giving armament to the NetNavi use as a means to inflict damage or providing a line of defense to the Navi fall back on. Although most enemy Navis don't use Battle Chips as part of their attacks in the games, some do as part as their basic moveset, and DS Navis will use any Battle Chips that the player has used in their playthrough. Some Battle Chips, like Attack +10, have a condition to be used.

Chip Codes

Each Battle Chip has its own letter code. Only chips of the same name or code can be selected in the Custom Screen. For example, the chips Cannon A, Cannon B, and Cannon C have the same name, and the chips Sword S, Wide Sword S, and Long Sword S have the same code. In both examples, these combinations lead to a Program Advance, where 3-5 chips are combined to form a stronger effect. Besides letters, the * (Asterisk [1]) code, introduced in Mega Man Battle Network 2, acts as a wildcard, allowing the player to load up more chips

In some games, such as Rockman.EXE 4.5 Real Operation and Rockman.EXE WS, Battle Chips don't contain codes. Codes are different in Mega Man Network Transmission, indicating if a Battle Chip can or not be used under specific situations, such as during a jump or while on ladders.

Battle Chip Classes


Battle Chips are placed in a backpack in the games, with 30 of them being placed in a Folder. They vary in power and rarity and thus have different rankings. The following ranks divide up the vast number of chips since Mega Man Battle Network 3:

Normal Battle Chips

These chips are used for battling purpose.

Standard Chips
Basic chips that are unrestricted in any folder, except for number of copies allowed. In the first Mega Man Battle Network game, 10 copies were allowed, reducing to 5 in Mega Man Battle Network 2, 4 in Mega Man Battle Network 3 to 5, and in Mega Man Battle Network 6, they were restricted according to their MB.
Navi Chips
In the first and second Mega Man Battle Network games, without Team Style or Hub Style, only up to 5 copies of these chips can be put in a folder. In later games, Navi Chips can be Standard, Mega, or a Giga Chip. They can be discerned of being able to used with chips that recycle Navi Chips or get countered by an opponent's Anti Navi chip.
Mega Chips
Without Team Style or Mega Folder Navi Customizer program, the player can only have a maximum of 5 Mega Chips in a folder. In Mega Man Battle Network 3 to 5, only one copy of a Mega Chip can be in the Folder, but a similar chip from a different series can inserted (e.g. ShadeMan and ShadeManSP chips in the same folder is allowed). In Mega Man Battle Network 6, Mega Chips only consist of Navi Chips. Thanks to the new MB Folder system, if the Mega Chip has less than 50 MB, more than one kind of that chip can be put in the folder.
Giga Chips
Without the Giga Folder Navi Customizer Program, the player can only have one Giga Chip in a folder. Most Giga Chips are version-exclusive, and cannot be traded by any means.
Dark Chips
Tainted chips that cause bugs and permanently removes 1 HP from your maximum per battle used, along with moving MegaMan down the "dark" side. In Mega Man Battle Network 4, they appear only when MegaMan is Worried or "Evil", and cannot be used with any other chip aside from other Dark Chips. In Mega Man Battle Network 5, they can be inserted in the folder, complete with their own codes, but are restricted to a maximum of 3 per folder, no exceptions or Navi Cust Parts, and can also be used to perform Chaos Unisons. In the Japanese version of Mega Man Battle Network 6, toy Dark Chips can be slot in the Beast Link Gate. They are simplified version of the chips with the only side effect being an HP Bug for the battle.
Secret Chips
Special chips that do not count towards game completion but will be catalogued in their own Data Library section. These chips are usually chips that can only be obtained by linking up with another player. These include: Opposite version Navi Mega Chips, Battle Network 4's Free Tournament chips, and certain Boktai chips. In the Nintendo DS version of Mega Man Battle Network 5, previously unregistered chips in the Gameboy Advance version are registered in this section.
Evil Chips
These chips can only be used by MegaMan when he starts battles with his Emotion Window on Evil. In the Gameboy Advance version of Mega Man Battle Network 5, other Navis can use these chips without restrictions. Other Navis cannot uses them at all in the DS version of the game.

Special Battle Chips

Synchro Chips
Exclusive to the anime only, the Synchro Chip can unite a human and a Navi.
Sub Chips
Chips used only outside of battle that can have various effects like restoring HP, reducing random encounters, or unlocking protected Mystery Data. They are destroyed upon use, and are analogous to potions or other consumable items in more conventional roleplaying games.

Chip Types

Main article: Elements

Chip Types and attacks affect the properties it has against certain enemies, and later on, affect which ones can be used as sacrifices for Souls, or which can be charged. Some chips can have multiple elements but are not indicated by the interface.

The first three games had only Fire, Aqua, Elec, Wood, and None, but later games added on new elements that do not deal any extra weakness damage. In Mega Man Battle Network 6, the Sword, Wind, Cursor, and Break element chips can deal double damage to certain enemies that carry them as a weakness.

  • None None [2]: Also known as Null [3], Non-element [4], Elementless [5], and No Attribute [6]. Any Battle Chip with this Chip type have no special advantages, and make a good standard method of attack for the early part of the game.
  • Fire Fire: Also known as Flame [7]. Battle Chips with this element symbol will do double damage to any Wood-based enemies. They can also cancel any Grass panels they come into contact with, doing a further double damage to objects on them.
  • Aqua Aqua: Also known as Water [4]. Battle Chips with this element symbol will do double damage to any Fire-based enemies. They are also capable of removing Lava (BN2-5) and Geyser/Volcano (BN6) panels. In Mega Man Battle Network 6, when it hits an enemy on an Ice Panel, it will freeze them.
  • Elec Elec: Also known as Electric [8], and Electricity [6]. Battle Chips with this element symbol will do double damage to any Aqua-based enemies. They also do a further double damage to any enemy standing on an Ice panel (MMBN2-4) or a Sea panel (MMBN5), or encased in a bubble (MMBN6). Some are also known for inflicting paralysis.
  • Wood Wood: Battle Chips with this element symbol will do double damage to any Elec-based enemies. Most chips of this element are known for not inducing invisible frames, allowing other attacks to be used as a follow-up. They are also capable of removing Magnet (BN5) and Conveyor (BN6) panels.
  • Wind Wind : Battle Chips with this element are known for shifting the position of objects or enemies on the field. In Mega Man Battle Network 4, some attacking chips can absorb Sand Panels and double its damage. In Mega Man Battle Network 6, these chips can remove auras and barriers regardless of strength.
  • Sword Sword : Battle Chips with this element symbol are known for being swift, but limited range. Some viruses in certain games are immune to all but sword attacks.
  • Break Break : Also known as Breaker [5]. Battle Chips are known to pierce guards and generally have high power, albeit limited range. In Mega Man Battle Network 6, some attack that are guard piercing are not considered Break-based, as they won't remove the Slash Cross form.
  • Cursor Cursor: Battle Chips with this element symbol are known for being able to target panels at the player's will. In Mega Man Battle Network 6, it will destroy an enemey's "????" active trap.
  • Recover Recovery: Battle Chips with this element symbol generally do not do any damage (some do, most notably Roll's chips) - instead they heal, or on occasion provide a friendly status boost.
  • Crack Panel Destruction : Also known as Earth Shattering [9]. Battle Chips with this element symbol involve cracking or destroying panels, limiting movement space and cancelling any ground-based attack.
  • +/- Plus [2]: Also known as Bonus Point [4] and Add Numbers [9]. Battle Chips with this element symbol involve boosting the attack power of other chips, and the player's Buster for a select few.
  • Invisible Invisible: Battle Chips with this element symbol involve a defense that lasts a short time, but renders the player invulnerable to all but a few attacks.
  • Obstacle Obstacle [2]: Also known as Summon [4] and Ornament [9]. Battle Chips with this element symbol involve summoning an obstacle in the field. They will have an HP amount and can be destroyed.

In the Anime

A blank Battle Chip in MegaMan NT Warrior episode 4

Battle Chips in the MegaMan NT Warrior anime series have some differences from the games. Firstly, they have to be recharged after use.[10] Secondly, there is no Folder of thirty chips as a NetBattler can have as many chips as they like. Usually the Battler shouts out the chip's name before activating it.

In episode 4, it is shown that blank Battle Chips are used to obtain Battle Chip data in the end of battles.


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