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Cover art of Europe version.

Battle Story Rockman.EXE (バトルストーリーロックマンエグゼ), also known as Battle Story MegaMan NT Warrior, is a manga illustrated by Keijima Jun and Miho Asada that was published in Japan by Shogakukan and in France by Kurokawa.[1] The manga is based on the story of the Mega Man Battle Network series.

Release information

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The manga was originally released in 4 volumes. It is planned to have a reprint on 3 volumes.


Volume 1

There's not much continuity to the storyline, basically it's introducing all of the major characters. The World Three members each take a crack at causing mayhem around the city in various ways, and each time are defeated by Lan Hikari and MegaMan. Lan also meets Chaud for the first time, while MegaMan and ProtoMan become acquainted with each other. It should also be noted that NumberMan is evil in this manga, and a member of the World Three like the games. ShadowMan is also included, but he seems to be an ally of MegaMan.

Volume 2

Whereas the first Battle Story manga centered around the World Three characters, volume #2 introduces the Gospel mafia. The first chapters begin with Mayl becoming trapped in her house which is filling with gas, caused by Arashi and AirMan. MegaMan and ProtoMan go to save her and Roll, only to meet up with AirMan, QuickMan and CutMan. Dr. Froid is also investigating some disturbances, and jack in IceMan into the network. MegaMan and IceMan face off against CutMan, while ProtoMan goes head to head with QuickMan.

Volume 3

Part 3 of this manga begins with Bass and ShadowMan. Bass has sealed himself away because he knows he is too powerful. However, the seal becomes broken, and Bass is set free. It's hard to tell whether or not Bass is actually a bad guy in the manga, since he seems to keep having an inner conflict within his own mind. The fact that he sealed himself away in the first place shows the fact that he does not really wish to harm anyone. MegaMan and ShadowMan each battle Bass, who eventually seals himself up again, only this time underground.

Translation into other languages

An official translation of Battle Story Rockman.EXE was released in Europe between 2005-2006, all four volumes being translated into French and distributed by Kurokawa Books. The series was distributed throughout Europe via online vendors, such as Chapitre.


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