Battleship (バトルシップ) is Splash Warfly's stage in Mega Man X7. The beginning of the stage starts off on a battleship. In it, the player has to destroy three sub-bosses (Dragon Blaster, Fighter Aircraft and Humanoid Bridge) before fighting Splash Warfly. After defeating the Fighter Aircraft, the player will be transported to the next part of the stage, where the ship is on fire. After defeating the Dragon Blaster, the player will move to another part of the Battleship, again on fire. After defeating the Humanoid Bridge, the player will proceed to a shipwrecked Battleship area, where upon reaching the end of it, the fight with Splash Warfly will take place, with four large pieces of floating debris as the setting.


Heart Tank: After killing the Dragon Blaster, check behind a crate up ahead.

Sub Tank: Before the Dragon Blaster, check behind a different crate.

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