Beach Street

Beach Street (ビーチストリート) is a location of Electopia visited in Mega Man Battle Network 3 by Lan. It is on the coast of the ocean and houses the DNN TV Station and the Seaside Hospital.

Beach Street also has a port where a boat can take passengers to Hades Island and later take Lan and his friends to the WWW headquarters.

DNN Station

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The DNN station is a famous broadcasting news and entertainment station. During the events of Mega Man Battle Network 3, the N1 Grand Prix NetBattle tournament was broadcasted by and parts of it were held inside of the main studio.

Seaside Hospital

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The Seaside Hospital is a large hospital on Beach St. It has 3 floors and contains a large tree known as the "Tree of Life" that grows up the center of the building. It has many rooms and is surrounded by water on 3 sides giving it a large beach area for patients to enjoy.