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Bert Wily is a human who appears in Mega Man: Fully Charged. He is based on Doctor Albert W. Wily, though unlike his original counterpart Bert is friends with Aki Light/Mega Man, and is the same age as him.


Bert has spiky orange hair, green eyes, and freckles. He wears a pink and red shirt with the W logo on it.


Bert has an aptitude for mechanical inventing. Over the course of the series he has created several inventions, including a video drone called the Wily Copter, though his youth and naivety often make his inventions malfunction.

Sky boarder: in "Lisense to drill" he show be have a good control of the his board considerating the board was unfinished and act erratically


Wily Copter: He modified the Suna Drone with parts of his bike, in turn adding heat resistance to it.

Willy  Pants(2.0): Cybernetic pants which enhance his speed.  From "All Play and No Work the electric problems were fixed. These have the skull reminiscent of his older counterpart from the games, in the front.

Speed Chip: A device that enhances a machine's speed, but is buggy and tend to make machines malfunction.

Bike:  Bert owns a bike that has a skull reminiscent of his older counterpart from the games. Proto Sky Board: a white fast floating board. Look line surf board with truster. Being a prototype the board have problems of stability making hard to use

Other Equipaments

Helmet: a red bicycle helmet with a orange glasses added.



  • His voice actor, Cole Howard, is known for voicing Mega Man from Mega Man Powered Up. He also voices Peter Punkowski in Fully Charged.
  • In the episode "Unfriendly Competition," the theme that plays during his introduction is a remix of the Wily Stage 1 and 2 theme from Mega Man 2.
  • In the episode "Drilling Deep," there is a hint of his connections to Dr. Wily. At one point, he accidentally cut his hair to resemble the hair style of his original counterpart. Cutman accidentally give him this cut again in "A Split Out"
  • Aki and Bert are roughly the same height, hair or no hair included.
    • Even as Mega Man, Aki is still roughly the same height as Bert due to the shape on top of his helmet.
  • His shirt has a logo very similar to that of Dr. Wily's.  
  • In "All Play and No Works" he persent himself like a amateur hero

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