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For the world parallel to Earth, see Beyondard. For the first episode with the title Beyondard, see Beyondard.

Beyondard 2 (ビヨンダード2 Biyondādo Tsu) is the 14th episode of Rockman.EXE Beast.


After being sucked into the Fossa Ambience opened by Zoano DarkMan in the previous episode, Netto, Meiru, Enzan, Raika and Dingo are seen floating between time and space. Netto desperately tries to grab Meiru's hand but the vacuum power of the portal is so strong that the heroes were separated from each other. Zoano DarkMan on the other hand had reached Beyondard safely without any problems. With Iris and Trill in his hands, he attempt to bring the both of them to Glaga when suddenly Falzer approach him from behind. Glaga also appear and engage its rival in a fierce battle, with Zoano DarkMan trapped in between them. Iris used this moment of confusion to send Trill far away from the Cyber Beasts. Back in the real world, while Dekao is crying over Meiru's disappearance, Dr. Hikari attempt to call his son or any of his friends to no avail. With no other choice, he suggest that they try to study the device used by Zoano DarkMan to open the Fossa Ambience, hoping that they can at least use it to find a way to contact them.

Back in Beyondard, Rockman wakes Netto up who had lost conscious since arriving. Realizing they are now in the parallel world his grandfather talked about, Netto tries to contact his friends but all of them are not within the PET communication range. With no other choice, Netto begins to travel the desert on foot in order to find his friends. After a few hours, he spot several footsteps leading to a collapse figure. Upon closer inspection, the person turns out to be a badly damaged robot, speaking in an unknown language. Rockman suggests that Netto plug him into the robot in order to download their language. After the translation process is complete, Rockman realize that it is trying to warn them about a large horde of Beastized Viruses are coming their way. Upon realizing the danger they are in, Netto tries to run away but was surrounded. Luckily, he was saved by a familiar face, Colonel Barrel of Beyondard. Aside from seeing another Barrel, Netto and Rockman are also shocked when they see him sending Colonel into to fight the virus. Once they reach a safe distance, Barrel ask how Netto know his name.

Around the same time, Raika witness a few men taking an unconscious Dingo to their camp. Raika quietly follow them and found Dingo inside on of their tents. Upon waking up, Dingo realize that his PET and tomahawk isn't with him but was even more surprise that they are in Beyondard. His scream has attract the guards outside and the two of them had no choice but to raise their hands as the guards are armed. Instead of taking them to a prison, the guards brought them to their leader, Commander Mask, who surprisingly be able to speak their language. It turns out that the Commander had install a translation chip into Dingo's PET which allowed them to understand their language and vice versa. The Commander reveals that he is the leader of CM Forces, a small group of human resistance who appose the war between the two Cyber Beasts. Meanwhile, Enzan had been taking care of Meiru who received minor injuries after the two of them fell into a valley. After she woke up, the two of them make their way back to the surface and found an abandoned town nearby. Deciding to spend the night there, the two of them find several provisions from a store, they make camp at a rundown computer shop.

That night, all three groups learn more about the world they are in now from their location. At the abandoned city, while Meiru takes some rest, Enzan plug his and Meiru's PET to a still function computer, allowing their Navis to install the world's language. Blues also found the last news broadcast, showing natural disasters occurring everywhere in the world after the failed Dimensional Area experiment. This event was dubbed the Great Change. The same story was also told by Commander Mask to Raika and Dingo and Barrel to Netto. After the Great Change, NetNavis, Viruses and the Cyber Beasts begin to materialize in the real world and the war had caused much mishaps to those who remained neutral. Determine to make sure that neither Cyber Beasts wins, Netto agrees to help Barrel to stop them. Rockman attempts to say the same to Colonel but he coldly ignore his aid. Barrel reveals that in order to make Colonel a better soldier, he had removed several unnecessary data from him, mainly the kindness and personality data.

Suddenly, Rockman realize that someone is attacking them from the dark. The attacker reveal himself to be Zoano SnakeMan, who had also returned to Beyondard. Barrel send Colonel to fight the Zoanoroid but as he is about to deal the finishing blow, Colonel's crest suddenly glow red, giving Zoano SnakeMan the advantage. It is revealed that Colonel wasn't fully charge after the last time he materialized and therefore, was weaker than usual. To make things worse, Zoano SnakeMan had transform into his Beast Form, making the battle even harder for Colonel. Determine to help their new ally, Netto successfully materialized Rockman who make short work of Zoano SnakeMan and finish him off with a combination of Samurai Sword and Fumikomi Zan.

In the original world, Dr. Hikari, Meijin and Makoto had fully dismantle Zoano DarkMan's device. Though they may not be able to open another portal, Dr. Hikari hypothesize that they can still use it to communicate with Netto and the others. At Beyondard, the sun had shine and all three groups begin their journey to reunite with one another. At the Resistance camp, after Raika and Dingo left, Beyondard versions of Saroma and Miyuki inform the Commander that they are ready to move. The Commander remove part of his scarf and is revealed to be an alternate version of Masa/Commander Beef. From afar, he tell the boys to "take their calcium" just like the original Masa. Enzan and Meiru are also ready to make their move, hoping to find anybody who had information on Netto and the others. Before Netto leaves, Barrel tells Netto on how long a Navi is able to materialized and how long they need to be charge before they can materialized again. Netto bid farewell to Barrel and tell him to take care of himself. Like the Barrel he knew of, this Barrel inform Netto not to worry as he is the Immortal Barrel.


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Battle Chips


• Following the stock animation sequence of the Wide Blade, its appearance is dipicted incorrectly twice. As Rockman is first shown striking downward at Zoano SnakeMan, it appears both orange and green, mimicking the Bamboo Sword's colors. In the next shot as, Rockman strikes the ground, the blade is colored blue, when it should be orange.

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This episode was released on 5th volume of the anime in Japan on DVD.