Big Bad Dreams is the thirty-first episode of Mega Man: Fully Charged. It will aired already on Cartoon Network in February 17, 2019, and aired early on the Cartoon Network app on January 5, 2019.


When Namagem starts using his Hypno powers to haunt Aki's dreams, our hero must face his fears in the dreamscape.


In the night of Slicon City, Aki Light it seems sleeping in his bed painfully before waking up and saws the door. He walks to the door and saw the hole, but falls to the ground after the black mysterious shadow sneaks in with the faster speed. When Aki Light stands up, he transforms into Mega Man and goes to the living room, and saws Suna watching the static screen on the television. Once he approaches her, it was revealed that Namagem was actually in disguise. Mega Man attempted to charge his shot, but failed. Then it was Namagem's turn to attack Mega Man, and he avoided the shots. When Namagem shoots the last shot to Mega Man, it causes the earthquake and Aki Light wakes up in the bed, revealing this was a dream.



  • Man Man appears as a cameo on Aki's pajama shirt. He also appears on a big poster above his bed, though it is questionable whether or not this is actually Man Man and just regular Bad Box Art Mega Man.
  • In this episode, it is implied that Sgt. Night knows Mega Man's secret identity.

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