Footage from the early days of the Big Change.

The "Big Change" (also known as the “Great Change”), as referred to by those from Beyondard, was a cataclysmic event in Rockman.EXE Beast that merged the cyberworld and real world of Beyondard into one, creating a "third-space" in which both Navis and humans could exist in the same world. It was caused by the failed Dimensional Area Experiment, which caused the entire world to change drastically, causing geological changes, massive virus outbreaks in the real world, and covering the entire world in a Dimensional Area. This also resulted in the birth of Falzer and Glaga, who begin a war against humanity and against each other over the rights to rule with an army of Zoanoroids.

Cybeast War

Name based on conjecture, not official.

The Cybeast War is a war waged by Faler and Glaga over the right to rule Beyondard and Earth, utilizing corrupted Navis known as Zoanoroids to do their bidding.