The Big Eddie (ビッグエディ Biggu Edi), named Eddie's Cybernetic Support Shop in Mega Man 7's U.S. instruction manual, is a mobile laboratory with the appearance of a giant version of Eddie. It functions as a shop in Mega Man 7, with Auto and Eddie being inside and Auto using Bolts found by Mega Man to create items for him. Big Eddie can be accessed by pressing the Select button in the stage select screen. If Mega Man manages to find Auto's Hyperbolt and returns it to him, new items will be available and the amount of Bolts required is halved.


Item Bolts
1UP 40 20
Energy Tank
E Can 60 30
Weapon Tank
W Can 100 50
Exit 200 100
Beat's Whistle 80 40
Super Tank
S Can - 80
Rush Jet
Rush Jet - 120
Search Rush
Search Rush - 120
Energy Balancer
Energy Equalizer - 240
Hyper Rocket Buster
Hyper Rocket Buster - 800

Other media

Mega Man Gigamix

As Dr. Light's Laboratory was destroyed by the Stardroids, Auto reveals Big Eddie to everyone present and it is used as a backup laboratory. According to him, he anticipated something like this happening and financed the construction with the spare change from his shopping ventures. This only agitates Roll, who was wondering why the bookkeeping never balanced out.

Rockman 7

Mega Man enters Big Eddie for the first time after defeating Freeze Man, and Auto explains its functions for him. Mega Man later returns to Big Eddie three times. Besides its function as a shop, it is also used by Auto to repair Mega Man and communicate with Dr. Light's Laboratory.