Big the Cat (ビッグ・ザ・キャット Biggu za Kyatto) is a character from the Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic Universe comic book series. A fat, laid-back fellow, his main concerns in life are fishing and caring for his best friend, Froggy. His most notable traits are his impressive physical strength and fishing skill.



Big the Cat lamenting the non-appearance of his friend Froggy.


Roboticized Master Big Man.

Pre-Worlds Collide

Big the Cat was a member of Team Freedom, and was present with them in New Mobotropolis when the Tails Doll attacked. Before anything further happened, the Genesis Wave hit. (Sonic the Hedgehog #247/FCBD 2013)

Worlds Collide

Though Big the Cat didn't play a major part. he had three cameo appearances in the storyline:

  • The first is in Sonic Universe #53 along with Cream the Rabbit and her Chao Cheese when Dr. Eggman is imagining returning to his home reality with the Wily Egg.
  • The second is in Mega Man #27 when Duo is smashing through the Wily Egg, where he is playing cards with Quint.
  • His final appearance (as himself) is in Sonic the Hedgehog #251's Off Panel section, where he gives his condolences to Jet the Hawk regarding not appearing in the Worlds Collide crossover, as his pet frog, Froggy, missed the crossover as well.

Big was also transformed into the Roboticized Master Big Man in the Short Circuits section of Mega Man #27 (making him the unofficial EWN-010), where he proceeded to catch a Chopper, to Eggman and Wily's dismay.


Due to Eggman's interference in Sonic's attempt to restore their world, one of the changes involved Team Freedom not existing. Instead of being present in New Mobotropolis to help deal with the Tails Doll, Big and Froggy were instead busy fishing in the Mystic Ruin Jungle. (Sonic the Hedgehog #253) In this new reality he is a member of the Freedom Fighters.

Worlds Unite

Big is one of the Freedom Fighters that fight against M'egga Man in Mobotropolis, but is defeated.

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