For the Mega Man X: Command Mission enemy, see Preon Bitmaster. For the DOS boss, see Bit Man.
"It... It is not possible for you to contain so much power... The next time we meet the result shall be different!"
―Bit to X if he's defeated without his weaknesses, Mega Man X3

Bit, known as Vajurila FF (ヴァジュリーラFF Vajurīra FF) in Japan, is one of the members of the Nightmare Police, along with his partner Byte. He is the faster of the pair. Bit is arrogant and very confident of his abilities.


Mega Man X3

After defeating two of the eight bosses in Dopple Town, Dr. Doppler orders the Nightmare Police to capture X for him, alive if possible. Bit will then appear as a sub-boss in the stages until he is defeated. If he is not defeated by using his weaknesses, he merely retreats, and X will have to face him and Byte again in the first Doppler stage in their combined form, Godkarmachine O Inary. If Bit is defeated with Frost Shield or Triad Thunder, he will be destroyed and won't appear later, but if only Bit or Byte survive, they will still be able to change into Godkarmachine O Inary.

Other appearances


Bit's cameo in Mega Man X5

Powers and abilities

Bit, being the faster of the two members of the Nightmare Police, uses his agile attacks. In Mega Man X3, at the beginning of each battle he will usually throw a ring, but he may also start with his homing projectile.

Bit also has a shield, but as it is heavy, he choose to give up of it in order to make full use of his speed.[1]

  • Dash (突進) - Bit's most common attack. Bit jumps high, and while falling, he will stop midair when he is in the same height as X and charge forward with his saber. The saber protects him from frontal attacks above his waist.
    • In Rockman X DiVE the saber covers more of his body, leaving only his back exposed, and Bit doesn't use it as often, varying between his other moves. It is named Dash Blade in the English version, Dash Attack (突進攻撃) in the Japanese version, and Dash Slash (突進斬擊) in the Chinese version.
  • Ring (リング) - Generates a ring shaped projectile from his arm and throws it forward. It will move back and forth across the room, changing its direction twice before disappearing. It may also change its height when changing its direction. The ring can bind X if he runs into it. Bit uses two rings after losing half of his life energy.
    • Bit uses this move more often in Rockman X DiVE, and the player can use it by equipping Bit's chip to a buster type weapon. It is named Binding Ring (拘束リング (Japanese) / 拘束光環 (Chinese)) in Bit's description and Bind Ring (拘束環 (Chinese)) in his chip. The chip version is named Vajuring (ヴァジュリング) in Japan.
  • Homing Projectile (誘導弾) - Launches a projectile that follows X for a while before leaving the screen. It can cause a decent amount of damage to X. Bit releases two projectiles after losing half of his life energy.
    • In Rockman X DiVE, its homing capabilities are weaker, and it leaves the area faster. The attack is written as ホーミング弾 in Japanese and 誘導彈 in Chinese. It was mistranslated as Decoy Flare in English, which can be written in a similar way to its Chinese name: 誘餌彈.

Other media

Rockman X3 manga


Bit and Byte in the manga.

Bit and Byte are the Nightmare Police created by Doppler. Their bodies are made of  thousands of small mechanical worms made of chips that can turn Reploids into Mavericks. They attack the Maverick Hunters' base and fight against Zero, Blast Hornet, Blizzard Buffalo, Tunnel Rhino and Neon Tiger, having the advantage in the battle despite being outnumbered. After X's recovery, he goes to the battle and destroys Bit's shield and arm with one charged shot. They decide to retreat after this.

After the defeat of the eight Maverick bosses, they make an announcement on Christmas Eve to challenge X and Zero. Bit and Byte manage to defeat them with ease, capturing and locking them into a powerful drilling machine that would kill them, showing it on a screen in Doppler Town. Dr. Cain and Marty went to the rescue, with Marty's pirates distracting Byte and several Mavericks while she goes to their location to give X the four power up chips found by the reformed Mavericks. Bit sees Marty approaching and confronts her, beating her nearly to death while mocking her attempt to save them and forcing her watch them die. As the drill above X's head begins to make contact, she escapes Bit's grasp and throws the chips to X in a last attempt to save him, and a large explosion occurs, Bit laughing and screaming "Merry Christmas" at X's supposed death. However, the explosion was caused by X, who gained his new armor thanks to the chips and destroyed the drills. X fires at Bit, causing heavy damage to him and destroying several Mavericks that were at distance with Byte. Seeing this, Byte returns to help Bit and Doppler appears with a dragon made of his chip worms. Byte asks Doppler to help Bit, but he makes his dragon attack with a powerful blast in the area X and the others were at, the attack hitting Bit, Byte and Zero, who didn't have time to avoid it. Damaged, Byte (holding Bit, who appears to be either unconscious or dead) asks Doppler to give them a chance to defeat X, and he drops several worms to combine them into Godkarmachine O Inary. Despite the power increase, none of their attacks work on X, and X takes down both Godkarmachine O Inary and Dr. Doppler's dragon with one shot. As a last attempt to defeat X, their remains merged into a giant two headed worm-like monster, but it collapsed before it could attack because of the damage they had received.

Archie Comics

In the crossover Worlds Unite, Bit is one of the Mavericks revived by Sigma, being seen alongside Byte in Sonic the Hedgehog #274.

Quotes from Mega Man X3

  • "Affirmative, Dr. Doppler!"
  • "Welcome, X. I'm Bit. I have my orders. You are to be destroyed."
  • "It... It is not possible for you to contain so much power... The next time we meet the result shall be different!"
  • "This Reploid's special abilities are too... N... No it can't be... Gahhhhhh!!" (Death; defeated using his weakness.)
  • "We've been waiting for you X!" (Doppler's Lab with Byte.)
  • "Take a look at these new upgrades!" (Said together with Byte, before Godkarmachine O Inary transformation.)
  • "X, you fought well to defeat Byte. But I will not go down so easily! The victory over Byte was your last!" (Doppler's Lab alone.)


Bit was one of three Mavericks, alongside Vile MK-II and Return X, to be made into a model kit in Bandai's Mega Armor series. The three were originally released as an interchangeable armor conversion kit and later released as an independent model. The model kit features his shield, which can be attached to his back. Bit was also released as a miniature in the series Rockman Factory, Super Max Rockman and Battle Brusher. All of them were released only in Japan.




Bit saying Merry Christmas in the manga.

  • The names of the Nightmare Police members come from Bit and Byte, two units of digital information in computing and telecommunications. Bit's Japanese name is derived from Vajra, a Sanskrit word meaning both thunderbolt and diamond. "Vajra" is also the name of a short metal weapon that is symbolically used in Buddhism, Jainism and Hinduism.
  • His appearance is based on ancient Jomon and Nara period tribal Japanese outfits, and to those representing the ancient Shinto gods; some parts of his body resemble Magatamas, and the details in his head resemble the mizura hairstyle.
    • How he is weak against the Frost Shield and the Triad Thunder may draw reference to the battle of the Shinto gods Takemikazuchi and Takeminakata, which is believed to be one of the origins of Japanese martial arts and wrestling; according to the tale, Takeminakata grabbed at Takemikazuchi's arm, but the latter was able to transform it into an icicle, and then into a blade, making it hard to subdue him. Takemikazuchi is also known to be a god of lightning and swords.
  • In both the video game and manga, Bit has the ability to levitate through unknown means.
  • In his artwork, Bit uses a shield, but he doesn't use one in the battle against him in Mega Man X3, instead using a beam saber which wasn't seen in any form of artwork from the game. Interestingly, he does use the shield when he appears in Phoenix Magnion's attack in Mega Man Zero 2 and in his cameo in Mega Man X5's flashback, although neither his shield or fighting him as Zero are possible in Mega Man X3.
  • The scene of Bit wishing Merry Christmas in the Rockman X3 manga is often used as a joke in Japan. Every year from 2005 to 2017, except for 2015, the author of the manga, Iwamoto Yoshihiro, posted a parody of the scene on his site during Christmas, where Bit has exaggerated expressions. It has also become a recurrent meme among Mega Man fans.
  • Despite Dr. Doppler specifically indicating that he'd prefer for them to capture X alive, Bit as well as Byte when first encountering X immediately opt to outright kill him.


  1. "One of the members of Nightmare Police designed by Dr. Doppler. He has a variety of offensive skills including Dash Blade, Decoy Flares, Binding Ring and so forth. In order to make full use of his incredible speed, he has chosen to give up his heavy shield." - Bit's description in Rockman X DiVE

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