Bit Man is one of the six Robot Masters from the Mega Man 3 computer game for DOS.

Bit Man is found occupying an oil rig. Thus, anyone who wishes to face him must climb numerous ladders and fight enemies all while trying not to fall into the sea below. Bit Man's arms are giant drills, similar to Crash Man, and his head has a spark plug, similar to Spark Man; he shoots the drill bits at his opponent. The drills are not ordinary drills, however, as he charges electricity from his head into them like Spark Man, then fires them off with the electricity still flowing between them. It is only at this time, when the drill is not on his head while using his signature Bit Cannon, that he is vulnerable to attack. Bit Man is vulnerable to the extreme temperature of Torch Man's Torch Arm attack.


Battling Bit Man


Mega Man 3 PC/DOS - Bit Man Stage    
Mega Man 3 PC DOS Stage 3 - Bit Man

Mega Man 3 PC DOS Stage 3 - Bit Man




  • Bit Man's mugshot is an edit of Hard Man's mugshot.
  • Bit Man is the only Robot Master from Mega Man 3: The Robots are Revolting that does not have an unrelated counterpart in another series.
  • Torch Arm is Bit Man's primary weakness, but both Water Shooter and Blade Launcher can do extra damage over the buster, and both fire three projectiles capable of hitting up to three times per shot.
  • Bit Man's mugshot shows his face to be a normal color, but his in game sprite shows his face is green (though this is likely a visor).
  • Humorously, right before entering Bit Man's boss door, a small sign titled "JUMP" is shown on the left platform. Should the player choose to do so, he or she is killed from falling, thus having to start the stage over.
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