This is a list of bit part characters in the MegaMan NT Warrior anime series. They are characters who usually have 5 lines or fewer of dialogue and are usually not of extreme importance to the plot, and may or may not be named. In some cases, they are named in either the English dub or Japanese version, but not vice versa. Note some names are based on conjecture.


ShiningMan's operator

This unnamed boy is ShiningMan's operator. He participates in the N1 Grand Prix where he is paired with Chaud Blaze in the doubles matches against RocketMan.EXE and WhaleMan.EXE. He is enthusiastic about fighting alongside Chaud, but ProtoMan purposely defeats ShiningMan along with their opponents, taking the boy and ShiningMan out of the competition, angering the boy. Evil Empress Roll! (Part 2)

Later in Axess, Chaud comes to talk to the boy at a light house he and ShiningMan work at after ShiningMan is kidnapped by Allegro for his death matches. He states he doesn't have any info but that he met WhaleMan's operator at Game Soul. Allegro (episode)

Shuuseki Ijuin

For his video game counterpart, see Shuuseki Ijuin.

Shuuseki Ijuin (伊集院 秀石 Ijuuin Shuuseki) is the father of Chaud Blaze. As in the video games, Shuuseki is the owner of BlazeQuest Games and Chaud's name has been changed while Shuuseki's name remains Ijuin. As in the games, the cause of this name discrepancy is never explained. In the anime, Shuuseki is portrayed in a marginally kinder light than in the video game series, showing friendliness to Barrel and attempting, while firmly, to comfort Chaud after the death of his mother, Shuuseki's wife.

Shuuseki appears in a flashback in Axess. When a young Chaud starts crying in front of his mother's grave, Shuuseki says that one day he will be the head of BlazeQuest, and no matter how painful the loss is, he must avoid crying. Shuuseki also informs Chaud that he will start a Net Battle training, and he prepared a NetNavi called ProtoMan for him. ProtoMan Returns

Yamato Man

A young Shuuseki appears in Stream, where he informs Barrel of strange bubbles appearing in the cyberworld. Shuuseki marvels at Barrel's Progress PET and asks to look at the significantly more advanced device, but Barrel states it's military equipment and puts it in his coat, though Shuuseki muses over how it doesn't need a cord to plug in as rides an elevator. Space-Time War

Yamato Spear

Yamato Man


Sonjo is the leader of the village Millionaire grew up in in Beyondard. When the Big Change formed massive mountains of an unknown mineral between this village and a village Enzan and Meiru are brought to by Dotarou and Press, they meet Millionaire, who had gone to this village in an attempt to make a tunnel to reconnect the two villages. 5 years later, Sonjo and his people believed she had given up, but with the help of Dotarou and Press, as well as Enzan going to the Millionaire’s village and telling them she hadn’t given up and was finally making progress, the two villages were reconnected and Sonjo and his people met Millionaire on the other side. The Steel Rock

Sonjo appears in the final episode of the season next to Millionaire, watching as the Wily-possessed Super Cyber Beast flies through the sky declaring he has control of both Falzer and Glaga armies and that resistance to him is futile. Exceeding Light

He makes a cameo in Beast+ in a flashback with Millionaire as Meijin reminds the audience who Dotarou and Mr. Press, who have some how wandered into Earth from Beyondard. The Hole-Digging Rascals Have Come!

Yamato Spear

Tadashi Hikari

For his video game counterpart, see Tadashi Hikari. For his Beyondard counterpart, see Tadashi Hikari (Beyondard).

Tadashi Hikari (光正 Hikari Tadashi) is still the father of Yuichiro and grandfather of Lan in the anime series. He has no speaking lines and is only ever seen in brief flashbacks or mentioned throughout the series.

Tadashi appeared in a flashback where it's revealed he was one of the scientists that worked in the creation of PharaohMan and sealed him. PharaohMan Reborn!

In Axess episode 15, it is revealed that in his youth, he created the Net Wrecker, a device which can boost a NetNavi's power to epic proportions. He later exchanged the Wrecker for some ramen. Curiously, the Net Wrecker works with the Advanced PET, invented immediately prior to the events of Axess, years after Dr. Hikari died.

In the film Rockman.EXE: Hikari to Yami no Program, it is revealed that Tadashi created Spectrum, a program to link human emotions to the cyberworld, alongside Dr. Wily. Dr. Regal seeks out the Tadashi Hikari Program and Dr. Wily Program to destroy the planet.


For his video game counterpart, see ToadMan.EXE.

ToadMan.EXE is Ribbita's NetNavi. ToadMan only has one significant speaking role in the anime before he is reduced to minor cameos sprinkled throughout the anime. Unlike his video game counterpart, ToadMan and his operator never join Team Colonel, their positions being taken by Maylu Sakurai or Ms. Yuri and their Navis.

ToadMan's only significant appearance role is when he battles NumberMan in the NetCity coliseum to display how it works. ToadMan wins when Mr. Higsby hesitates to his Life Aura battle chip in fear of its value going down. NetCity!

ToadMan makes a cameo doing the screen transitions for Ribbita's report on Gauss Magnus arriving in Japan. Electronic Money Panic!

MegaMan NT Warrior

Lan's NormalNavi

This NormalNavi was Lan's first NetNavi before he got MegaMan. Lan frequently tried to use him to NetBattle, often against Dex Ogreon and GutsMan, but lost due to the inferior specs of a NormalNavi to a customized one. After losing one such battle and damaging his arm, the NormalNavi was overwritten by MegaMan later that night. Jack In! MegaMan!

Jamie and GreenMan.EXE

Jamie and his NetNavi GreenMan.EXE were Dex Ogreon and GutsMan's first opponents and the first match overall of the N1 Grand Prix. GreenMan was defeated in 30 seconds.

Jamie and GreenMan were unnamed in the Japanese version, and GreenMan appears to be a NormalNavi, as a similar character appears in the first episode of Axess.

"Unnamed Red NetNavi"


This nameless red NetNavi was seen fighting SharkMan but was defeated.


Heimlich is the maitre d of a high class restaurant that Yai Ayano and her family are patrons of. He informs Yai that the Emperor's Room, which is usually reserved for the Ayano family, was in use when Yai and her friends arrive at the restaurant early. Yai questions who it is when Chaud Blaze emerges from the room and states that if the restaurant serves “third rate” game companies like AyanoTech he will not be returning, and refuses to tip the wait staff. Street Fight!


Voice actor: Ikumi Sugiyama


Hatto (ハット) is a member of Team Thunder. He, Shan, and Pooh steal Lan Hikari's PET, and when Lan gives chase, Hatto threw a smoke bomb at Lan. After Lan's PET is returned to him, Hatto watches him and MegaMan.EXE battle Raoul and ThunderMan.EXE and helps Lan and Team Thunder drive off Mayor Daryl when he tries to tear down Heaven's City's downtown area. MegaMan Stolen!

When Mr. Match arrives at Netopia in his pursuit of Lan, Hatto and the others inform Match that Lan left already, to Match's frustration. He then waits impatiently for his food when Match takes up a job at the food stall Lan first met the boys to raise funds to keep pursuing Lan. SnakeMan's Survival Seven


Voice actor: Kumiko Yokote


Pooh (プー ) is the third member of Team Thunder. He is with Shan and Hatto when they steal MegaMan from Lan, and when Lan corners them, Pooh demands to know who helped rig the mayoral election ballots, to Lan's confusion. Pooh and the others than watch Lan and Raoul netbattle, and helps drive off Mayor Daryl when he tries to tear down Heaven City's downtown. MegaMan Stolen!

He later waits impatiently for his food from Mr. Match with Shan and Hatto. SnakeMan's Survival Seven

Other Team Thunder members

Other Team Thunder mmebers.

These two men are members of Team Thunder and appear to be Raoul's left and right hand men, confronting Lan with him and watching the two netbattle, and later help drive away Mayor Daryl, shoving a metal bar into the gears of a construction plow and putting a board to make a ramp up to the driver's seat, letting Lan and Raoul jack-in to delete the viruses within. One of them helps Raoul up when he is thrown off the plow. After the fight is over they celebrate their victory over the corrupt mayor. MegaMan Stolen!

Survival Seven NetNavis

Voice actors: Daichi Matsubayashi (Navi 1), Keikō Sakai (Navi 4), Isao Yamagishi (Navi 5), Takayuki Yamaguchi (Navi 7), Satoshi Katōgi (Navi 8)

The NetNavis that appear as opponents in SnakeMan's Survival Seven, a game where NetNavis must fight to the death for a prize of their choice. The game is actually a trap, with players being captured and forced to become part of Ms. Millions' NetNavi Museum. The player before MegaMan was a green NetNavi with a buster on the right arm and a sword on the left arm.SnakeMan's Survival Seven

  • A green NetNavi that attacks with stabs. One of the four opponents from the first round.
  • A NetNavi with a canine head and sharp claws. One of the four opponents from the first round.
  • A skeleton shaped NetNavi that attacks with an iron ball and bombs. One of the four opponents from the first round.
  • A NetNavi with rapid firing guns on the arms and cannons on the back. One of the four opponents from the first round.
  • A rabbit shaped NetNavi that summons Bunny viruses. Fought in the second round.
  • A NetNavi that attacks with a bladed yo-yo. His appearance appears to be based on the protagonist from Super Yo-Yo, whose anime was also done by Xebec. Is fought alongside the ninja NetNavi.
  • A ninja NetNavi that throws kunai. Is fought alongside the yo-yo NetNavi.
  • An orange NetNavi fought in the final round. His attacks are Bronze Fist and Double Bronze Fist.

MegaMan NT Warrior Axess

Sledgehammer Brothers

The Sledgehammer Brothers, known as the Crusher Military Brothers in Japan, are sibling NetNavis that fought in a friendly match against MegaMan.EXE in the first episode of Axess and lost. They attack with Break Hammer and Rock Cube Battle Chips. The red brother is the older brother. Cross Fusion!

Crowd Navis

Two NormalNavis watch MegaMan and the Sledgehammer Brothers fight.

These NormalNavis were seen in the crowd watching MegaMan fight the Sledgehammer Brothers, noting it will be a tough match for him. Roll.EXE, who was sitting behind them, tells them not to worry and to enjoy the match. They watch on and are amazed when MegaMan turns the fight around and wins with a single shot. Cross Fusion!

Note that the left NormalNavi looks exactly like GreenMan, minus his eyes and mouth guard.


The con-artist.

This con-artist attempted to charge a ramen shop a doctor's bill by putting thumbtacks in his ramen that he put there himself, however, his ploy was revealed by Gorou Misaki. The con left the shop in a fit of anger. Cross Fusion No. 0

"Ramen shop owner"

The ramne shop owner.

This ramen shop owner was being conned by a con-artist for letting thumbtacks fall into his ramen, however Gorou Misaki revealed he had put them there himself. When Misaki left, the owner stopped him, and though Misaki thought she was thanking him, she was actually telling him he forgot to pay his bill. Cross Fusion No. 0

Elderly NetNavis

GateballMan.EXE should not be confused with GateMan.EXE or Zoano GateMan.EXE.

These elderly NetNavis are operated by the elders of Akihara Silver Center where Netto Hikari was teaching them how to NetBattle. Top and Grandchild

  • IgoMan.EXE (イゴマン) - An Igo themed Navi. His attack is Shiro Kuro Beam ("White Black Beam"), releasing beams from his white and black eyes. He is voiced by Daisuke Kirii.
  • ShogiMan.EXE (ショウギマン Shougiman) - A Shogi themed Navi. Special attack is a beam released from the arm. He is voiced by Daisuke Ono.
  • GateballMan.EXE (ゲートボールマン) - A Gateball themed Navi. Special attack is Spark Beam, releasing energy spheres from his arms. Voiced by Makoto Yasumura.
  • ShiatsuMan.EXE (シアツマン) - A Shiatsu themed Navi. Special attack is Tsubo Beam ("Acupressure Beam"), releasing beams from his thumbs. Voiced by Hirofumi Nojima.
  • ChaonomiMan.EXE (Cha o nomi = drinking tea) - A NetNavi resembling a granny with a tea cup. Special attack is Hengen Beam ("Breath Beam"), releasing a red beam from the mouth.

Yamato Man

Rockman.EXE Stream



Not to be confused with ShiningMan.EXE.
Voice actor: Takayuki Kondo

ShineMan.EXE was the original NetNavi of Rei Saiko. He was a clumsy and ill-confident Navi who was unable to pilot his Navi car properly and got stuck in the sand on the outskirts of the track, which Rei shows displeasure of. Later Rei berates ShineMan for his failures, and Slur.EXE reformats ShineMan into Asteroid FlashMan.EXE, who becomes Rei's new Navi. Navi Car Race!

Asteroid FlashMan is deleted later in the season, presumably deleting anything left of ShineMan as well.

Chief of Justice

Gauss and MagnetMan's judge.

Voice actor: Daisuke Ono

This Chief of Justice (裁判長 Saiban-chō) held the trial of Gauss Magnets and MagnetMan.EXE, sentencing the two to 931 years in prison. When Gauss dresses in drag as a reaction to the sentence, the judge shows a distaste for it. Revival! Neo WWW


The director.

Voice actor: Yu Urata

This director worked at a commercial company, where he hired Narcy Hide to work on a promotional video for their company themed around ancient Japan titled "Archaic Beauty". Narcy put a pink filter over the entire video, much to the producer's distaste, and he tells Narcy to redo the video, or he will find someone else, and leaves. Rhapsody in Pink


Voice actor: Daisuke Ono (Bōsōzoku A), Takayuki Kondō (Bōsōzoku B)

Three bōsōzoku (暴走族) that were running on a street at night. When an empty bike controlled by BeastMan changed into a "horse" in front of them, they believe it is a "ghost" and speed up to get away from it. Concrete Jungle


Voice actor: Hirofumi Nojima (Man), Sayaka Narita (Woman)

A man () and a woman () that are talking when the chaos caused by Inukai started, the man's red car changing into a horse. Concrete Jungle


The veteranarian, left of Netto.

Voice actor: Daisuke Ono

Nenji Rokushakudama ran to this veterinarian (獣医 jūi) late at night to treat Asteroid NapalmMan.EXE, who had appeared in his PET. The man told Nenji that he treats animals, and that should go to a maintenance center or chip shop to fix the Asteroid. Later, Netto, searching for NapalmMan, comes and talks to the vet, where he informs Netto that Nenji had stopped at his clinic three nights ago with him, and tells Netto that a fireworks festival was happening that day and he must already be there. He tries to vent to Netto how Nenji runs to him about every problem, but Netto runs off to find Nenji. The Explosion that Carries Happiness

Banker A

Asteroid BomberMan's operator.

This banker was Asteroid BomberMan.EXE’s operator. According to Rin Manabe, he used to be a banker who stole a lot of money, and used BomberMan to cover it up, attacking other banks to ease suspicion. His anxiety of being caught for these crimes caused him to have ulcers, and he ended up at the same hospital as Gorou Misaki, where he and BomberMan attacked the hospital. Upon BomberMan being deleted, the man was arrested. Doctor Wily's Daughter



Voice actress: Ayumi Tsunematsu

Mary is the girlfriend and partner in crime of Ken. When Ken and Mary fail to bring 50 stolen cars to their boss, Mary is taken as insurance that Ken collects 100 cars within five days. With the help of Asteroid BrightMan, he manages to bring their boss several hundreds of cars just before he leaves and asks them to free Mary, but Netto Hikari and Rockman intervene and stop him and the whole car racket, and she and Ken are arrested. Route-san's Close Call!

Hunter's relative

A man presumed relative of Hunter.

Voice actor: Daisuke Ono

An inspector (警部 keibu) who shares distinct similarities with Hunter worked for the Ameroppa NetPolice 30 years before the start of the series. He interrogates Rockman when Rockman ends up in the past chasing ShadeMan.

Black Clothes A

The Black Clothed Man and his colleague.

Voice actor: Yoshimitsu Shimoyama

This blacked clothed man and his colleague suddenly barge into Netto's home and drags him off to their car, collecting Jasmine as well (while leaving Meiru Sakurai behind) when Dr. Hikari summons the Cross Fusion Members to investigate some ruins in Basconoma with Enzan Ijuin. He presumably works for the NetPolice, as he flashes his badge to Haruka Hikari. Stellar Memory

Oddly, a pair of thugs resembling these two men appeared in episode 27 working for a car trafficker.

Rockman.EXE: Hikari to Yami no Program

Meijin minarai and FootMan.EXE

For their video game counterparts, see Mr. Famous' apprentice and GridMan.EXE. Not to be confused with Zoano FootMan.EXE.

Meijin minarai (名人見習い) makes a brief appearance at the beginning of the movie battling Netto Hikari and Rockman.EXE in a tournament with FootMan.EXE. Despite putting up a good fight, they lose.


The taxi driver.

This taxi driver was hired by Netto to get to the TRINITY Brain Tower, but they are caught in a large traffic jam. The taxi driver notes that the trip should have only been 10 minutes, but Netto quickly pays and jumps out of the car in a hurry.

Voice actor unknown.

TRINITY Brain Tower receptionist

The TRINITY Tower Receptionist.

This receptionist worked at the TRINITY Brain Tower. Netto rushes in and tells her he is a NetSavior and states he needs to use their plug-in port, which she hesitantly agrees to. When Netto tells Rockman to break through the tower's firewall she panics, but watches Rockman and Colonel.EXE battle Forte.EXE from Netto's PET projection. When Spectrum activates and begins turning the world into data again, it cuts through the TRINITY Tower, catching the woman despite Netto's attempt to help her. She is restored when Rockman and Forte defeat Dr. Regal and Nebula Gray.

Voice actor unknown.

Rockman.EXE Beast

Dr. Regal

For his Earth counterpart, see Dr. Regal (anime). For his video game counterpart, see Dr. Regal.
Voice actor: Kazuhiro Nakata

Dr. Regal of Beyondard

The Beyondard counterpart of Dr. Regal worked in the Dimensional Area Laboratory, and was working on a Dimensional Area experiment to help create a new world where humans and NetNavis could coexist in harmony. However, the experiment failed due to Dr. Wily's interference, making Beyondard as it currently is. It is unknown what happened to him after this cataclysmic event. Dimensional Area Laboratory (episode)

Unlike his Earth counterpart, this version of Dr. Regal does not exhibit any signs of insanity or malice.


Voice actor: Hirohito Yasumoto

YetiMan (イエティマン) attempts to sell ice candy in Interet City, but is approached by Zoano StoneMan.EXE and deleted along with several other Ice-type NetNavis as he hunted the Ice-type Navi who destroyed one of Glaga’s Advance Bases. Icy Heart


Voice actor: Nobuyuki Kobushi

SherbetMan (シャーベットマン) is a bear-like Ice-type NetNavi who set up a Cyber Sherbet shop in Internet City before he is approached by Zoano StoneMan.EXE and deleted as he hunted down the Ice-type Navi that destroyed one of Glaga’s Advance Bases. Icy Heart


Voice actress: Mori Natsuki

This elderly woman worked in the restaurant in Shirokuni Town, where it is shown that she and Kunio Kurogane have a friendly relationship. When Enzan Ijuuin and Meiru Sakurai help save the town from Zoano JunkMan.EXE, she gives them the best lunches the restaurant offers and sees them off as Kunio brings them to the next town. The Railroad Kingdom

The granny appears in the final episode of the season next to Kunio and Miyata, watching as the Wily-possessed Super Cyber Beast flies through the sky declaring he has control of both Falzer and Glaga armies and that resistance to him is futile. Exceeding Light

Station Worker 1

Voice actor: Koizumi Tomoya

Station Worker 1.

This station worker assisted Kunio Kurogane and Miyata in bringing a time bomb set by Zoano JunkMan.EXE out of Shirokuni Town before it exploded. He watched in horror with Miyata believing Kunio was blown up with the bomb, but was relieved when Kunio emerged from the wreckage. The Railroad Kingdom

Iron Works Plant Director

Voice actor: Kunihiro Kawamoto

The iron works plant director next to Enzan.

The director of the iron works plant in the village that Enzan, Meiru, Dotarou Horisugi, and Mr. Press arrive in notices that Millionaire was attempting to break through the "rocks of steel" that blocked her way from making a tunnel to her village on the other side again, and shows Enzan that by her request, they made the best drills they could, but none of them could penetrate the rock and broke. He explains that the Big Change formed large mountains that isolated Millionaire's village from their's, requiring a half a day to reach even by vehicle, and that while Millionaire's village tried to make a tunnel, their digging equipment could not break through. This inspires Enzan to make the walk to Millionaire's village and tell them that Millionaire was still trying to make the tunnel. The Steel Rock

Rockman.EXE Beast+


Yamato Spear