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For the Battle Chip, see Null. For the Battle Card, see Grabity.
Not to be confused with Black Hole Bomb.

Black Hole (ブラックホール Burakku Hōru) is Saturn's Special Weapon from Mega Man V. When used by Saturn, he uses his ring to create a black hole and suck enemies and projectiles, except for the Electric Shock.

When used by Mega Man, a large black hole is created above his head, which sucks enemies weak enough into the black hole. It then sends out a damaging deluge of projectiles spiraling across the screen. Using the Black Hole stops time for a brief moment before the hole expands, making it useful to stop Mega Man's momentum when falling to scout the area below for hazards.

Black Hole is Mercury's weakness; he is the only boss in this game that takes damage from this weapon.

Enemies weak to Black Hole

A list of enemies that can be sucked into the Black Hole. All of them are destroyed in the same fashion they would be if hit by regular shots. If it is used on an explosive enemy, the explosion will occur inside the Black Hole above Mega Man's head, causing him damage.


There is a glitch that allows the Black Hole to damage and defeat the first form of the Brain Crusher by using it at point blank range. If the first form is defeated this way, the game will cut straight to the cutscene preceding Sunstar, skipping the Brain Crusher's second form.[1]

Damage Data Chart


Mega Man using Black Hole.


Mega Man using Black Hole against Mercury.

Damage values in units in Mega Man V.

Black Hole (SA)
Boss Damage
Mercury 5
Venus 0
Mars 0
Jupiter 0
Saturn 0
Uranus 0
Pluto 0
Neptune 0
Dark Moon --
Terra 0
Skull Blazer --
Enker 0
Quint 0
Punk 0
Ballade 0
L. Knuckle and R. Knuckle 0
Brain Crusher: 1st Phase -- (far)
6 (close)*
Brain Crusher: 2nd Phase 0
Sunstar 0

*Glitch effect.

Other media


Saturn using Black Hole against Bass.

Saturn uses Black Hole in Mega Man Gigamix. Besides pulling things inside his ring and sending projectiles back, he can use the Black Hole to teleport into different locations. Terra uses this to invade Dr. Light's Laboratory and send Duo away to be killed by the Stardroids.