Black Troop

Black Troop (ブラック軍団 Burakku Gundan) is a group of racers from Mega Man: Battle & Chase. They are enhanced versions of the game's regular non-playable racers: 4 Roader, Truck Joe, and Yellow Devil.

After completing Grand Prix mode and continuing to play in the same save, the message "Here comes a new challenger" may appear in the beginning of a race, with a member of the Black Troop challenging the player to a race. Racing against them is optional, but it is recommended to face them whenever they appear as it may take some time for them to return. Early victories will also make it easier to obtain the Extra Parts. When defeated, they give a gameplay hint and a panel with a question mark appears in one course. The first member to appear is Black Joe, followed by the Black 4 Roaders, Black Yellow Devil, and the whole Black Troop. The Black Troop won't appear again after their defeat.



"Here comes a new challenger"

  • Black Joe - A black Truck Joe. Is the first member encountered.
  • Black 4 Roaders - Shortened as Black Roader in-game. A black 4 Roader followed by dark gray 4 Roaders. In the Japanese version he only speaks in katakana and has a robotic voice.
  • Black Yellow Devil - Shortened as Black Devil in-game. A dark Yellow Devil. The boss of the Black Troop. Only makes growling sounds.


  • Black Joe: Rocket Start by pressing the acceleration button as the first traffic light turns on.
  • Black 4 Roader: Push down three times to discard the current item.
  • Black Yellow Devil: To drift a bit sooner, instead of holding just the right or left button, tap the button of the opposite direction for a split second, and then resume.
  • Black Troop: Press down, up and then taunt when running over a mine (the normal ones, not the ones released by enemies) may cause the vehicle to hop with acceleration instead of slowing down. However, it is difficult to perform this, rendering it almost useless due to the low success rate.

Extra Parts

Extra Parts (エクストラパーツ) are secret vehicle parts that can be obtained after winning a race against the Black Troop. With each victory, a panel with a question mark will appear in a specific course. Taking the panel and winning the race will unlock the Extra Parts.

ImageExtra PartsBlack Troop memberStageBased on
Blade Tires
Black Joe Ridge Course
(Quick Man)
Slash Man's legs.
Sky High Wing
Black 4 Roaders Arms Factory Course
(Napalm Man)
Gyro Man's propeller.
Retro Engine
(レトロターボエンジン, "Retro Turbo Engine")
Black Yellow Devil South Pole Course
(Ice Man)
Turbo Man's engine.
Hammer Body
Black Troop Rocky Mountain Course
(Guts Man)
Knight Man's body.

Note: When playing as Quick Man, Napalm Man, Ice Man, or Guts Man, the part that appears on their course will appear in the Crystal Course (Shadow Man).


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