Blade Launcher is a Special Weapon that Mega Man obtains by defeating Blade Man in Mega Man 3 for DOS. It fires three razor-edged cutting blades upward in a spreading pattern, similar to the Triple Blade used by Blade Man from Mega Man 10.

Blade Launcher does per hit 8 damage to Oil Man, being particularly lethal to him at close range due to their ability to all hit him at once; 3 damage to Bit Man, Wave Man, and Torch Man; but only 1 damage to CRORQ.

Damage Data Chart

Known damage values for Mega Man 3 (DOS).

Blade Launcher Icon.png Blade Launcher
Boss Damage
Bit Man 3
Shark Man 0
Wave Man 4
Oil Man 8
Blade Man 0
Torch Man 3
"Wily Machine" (Form 1) 0
"Wily Machine" (Form 2) 0



  • In the game's data, there are unused sprites of "weapons unlocked", where Mega Man is holding his new weapon. In the final version, he is shown equipped with it and in the corresponding color.
  • Interestingly, the Blade Launcher and Triple Blade, weapons obtained from different Blade Men, both work quite similarly to each other. There are still some differences between how they work -- the Blade Launcher's projectiles lack the "surface-to-air" capabilities of the Triple Blade, only firing in an upward pattern in midair as opposed to down. The Blade Launcher projectiles also fire much more slowly and utilize shuriken-like blades rather than the Triple Blade's swords. Also, unlike Triple Blade, the Blade Launcher's shots do not travel through enemies.
    • Furthermore, both weapons use a similar purple/white color scheme, although the Blade Launcher's colors are only used on the "unlocked" screen.

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