Blanka (ブランカ Buranka) is a video game character from the Street Fighter series who made his debut in Street Fighter II as part of the starting lineup. A feral man from the Brazilian jungle with green skin and the ability to generate electricity, he is a childhood friend of Dan Hibiki.

Mega Man related appearances

Street Fighter X Mega Man

He is one of the eight bosses that appear in Street Fighter X Mega Man. His weakness is the Yoga Inferno.


  • Rolling Attack (a ramming-type attack)
  • Vertical Roll (a variant that goes upward)
  • Lightning Cannonball (a faster variant of the Rolling Attack)
  • Electric Thunder (he surrounds himself in electricity)
  • Tropical Hazard (a watermelon projectile)
  • Super Combo: Shout of Earth (an area of effect attack)


Blanka will mainly attack with Rolling Attacks, and jumps. When Blanka is charging his body, it means it will strike with a Lightning Cannonball, a faster rolling attack. In order to predict if Blanka's Rolling Attack will go upwards or not, he will always do a backflip before going up. And if he is going to make a standard Rolling attack, it will start growling. He will also attack with a slide attack if Mega Man is close to him. When his Super Combo Gauge is charged, he will use his Super Combo, Shout of Earth, which is fairly easy to avoid. Once he activates it, he will smash the ground with his fists and the entire floor will spark with electricity for a moment, but it can be avoided with a well timed jump. After the spark attack, four Tropical Hazards (watermelons), will fall to the ground, which can be destroyed with normal attacks. Also, if a Tropical Hazard falls on Blanka, he will deflect it and throw it, making a projectile that Mega Man must avoid or destroy. It's highly recommended to keep distance from Blanka to avoid getting cornered.

With the Yoga Inferno, it's best to use it once Blanka used his Super Combo, since he will stand still for a moment, the Yoga Inferno will forbid Mega Man to move for a moment, so it's best to use it while on the air to avoid getting hit by Blanka's Rolling Attacks if the attack might miss.

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