This article is about the Robot Master Blast Man. For the NetNavi with the same name, see BlastMan.EXE.

Blast Man (ブラストマン Burasutoman) is a Robot Master set to appear in Mega Man 11. He is a volatile robot with a flair for the theatrics and a taste for explosions. He was originally designed by Dr. Light to create explosions from his bombs until he was reprogrammed by Dr. Wily to help him conquer the world and fight against Mega Man.

Blast Man's stage is set in the ruined remains of a theme park and movie studio hybrid that he has shaped into his personal playground. He added several personal touches, including a number of signs featuring himself as the star of “Blast Man Adventure.”[1]


Blast Man hops around the room while slinging explosives everywhere in his attempt to destroy Mega Man. When Blast Man has reached the end of his fuse, he pushes himself to the limit using the Power Gear, increasing the size of his bombs and giving them greater explosive force while his attack patterns become more erratic. After defeating Blast Man, Mega Man obtains the Special Weapon Chain Blast.

In-Game Quotes

Pre-Battle Taunts:

  • “ ART!!!”

Attack Shouts:

  • "Ha!”
  • "Blowing sky-high!”
  • "Heads up!"

Activating Power Gear:

  • "Power Gear!"


  • Blast Man has the same name as the NetNavi BlastMan, being the first Robot Master to have the name of a NetNavi created before him.


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