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Blast Raster (ブラストラスター) is an enemy that makes its debut in Mega Man X4, though they also appear in the final Sigma stage in Mega Man X6, albeit briefly. They extend their appendages to walk around the walls of the stage, and then stick sideways facing the player, so they can shoot pellets from their green eyes. They heavily resemble the Adhering Suzy, possibly being based on them.

"Gold Blast Raster"

In the Rockman X4 Sample Version, a golden variation of the Blast Raster enemy appears in Web Spider's Jungle Stage.[1] Unlike other enemies which received design or color changes, this unnamed version, nicknamed "Gold Blast Raster", is the only enemy that was changed entirely. They are invincible and they never stop moving except when attacked, sharing a similar effect of the Metal Gabyoall enemy, except that they will travel around the structure of the stage, just like the normal Blast Rasters.



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