"Spit a searing ball of flame into the air! This fireball crashes back down to earth, just like Torch Man's powerful jump kick! Try it while the Power Gear is active to boost the firepower."
Mega Man 11 description (Mega Man)

Blazing Torch (ブレイジングトーチ) is Torch Man's Special Weapon in Mega Man 11. Once obtained, Mega Man launches a ball of red-hot fire diagonally into the air. Just like the Robot Master this weapon comes from, each fire ball comes crashing back down as a searing projectile in the shape of a fiery dragon, reminiscent of Torch Man's blazing kicks.

Using the Power Gear, the weapon can be supercharged to fire off three projectiles at once.

Blazing Torch can be used to destroy explosive boxes found in Blast Man's stage and Gear Fortress 2.

Just like the other Special Weapons in Mega Man 11, Blazing Torch gives Mega Man new Head Gear and Arm Gear that alters his physical appearance when equipped, rather than simply swapping his colors. In this case, the Head Gear is a helmet that resembles a torch and is somewhat similar to Torch Man's head, and the Arm Gear is a buster that also resembles a torch.  Mega Man also takes on a red and gray color scheme akin to Torch Man's.

This weapon is the weakness of Blast Man.



  • The design of Blazing Torch's Arm Gear is similar to the design used with Fire Man's head.
  • When a Blazing Torch projectile starts moving downward, it turns into a dragon head.
  • Blazing Torch is similar to Rising Fire as both weapons involve the user launching a fireball in the air. However, unlike Rising Fire, Blazing Torch comes back down within a few seconds and has more diagonal range.