Blitzkrieg (ブリッツクリーク Burittsukurīku) is a Bonne machine boss that Mega Man must defeat in order to get into the Saul Kada Ruins in Mega Man Legends 2. In this battle, Teisel Bonne has stolen Kimotama City's prized golden statue and uses it as a shield. If the statue is destroyed in the battle, Mega Man will have to pay five-thousand Zenny to replace it.

Blitzkrieg doesn't move and only attacks by throwing stolen objects like food and books at Mega Man or releasing two energy spheres from its arms when distant. He is assisted by three Servbots using Servbot Borers. If Mega Man gets close to Blitzkrieg or attack, it will use the golden statue as shield. If the statue is destroyed, Blitzkrieg will be able to use its full power, moving under the sand at high speed and jumping out to attack with missiles, sometimes appearing only to laugh.



  • Blitzkrieg means "lightning war" in German, which is a term used for a fast, sudden military offensive.
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