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"I'll drop you like a ton of bricks!"
―Block Man, Mega Man 11

Block Man (ブロックマン Burokkuman) is a Robot Master that first appeared in Mega Man 11. He is a small, stout robot created to work on exterior constructions, being able to create blocks one after another. His regular appearance resembles a stone castle.

In combat, he uses his Special Weapon, Block Dropper, to form blocks out of thin air above his opponents to try and crush them. When in a pinch, he uses the Power Gear installed by Dr. Wily to cover his body with blocks and transform into a gigantic robot, increasing his physical strength. This gigantic form has its own life gauge. When his giant form is destroyed, he will move to a corner and constantly throw blocks.


Block Man is a rotund, turquoise robot with gold and white accents and dull, grey bricks covering his body. The lower half of his body juts out a bit, perhaps serving as a storage compartment for extra building materials.


Block Man is vain, headstrong, thick as a brick, and has "an ego the size of a pyramid."[1]


The first part of Block Man's battle is fairly simple; he'll start off by running back and forth across the room. However, if Mega Man fires, Block Man will stop in place for a second and then jump to his position which can easily be avoided by sliding. Block Man will then proceed to use his Block Dropper to damage Mega Man by creating four turquoise stone blocks (fifteen in Superhero) above him which fall to the ground. This can be avoided by either standing in a space between the falling blocks or by utilizing Fuse Man's Scramble Thunder to destroy one of the blocks over Mega Man's head. Once he loses about a third of his health, Block Man will activate his Power Gear. He will shoot up through the ceiling with chunks of stones in the area following in his wake, transforming him into a giant stone golem as he crashes back down to the room.

In this giant form, Block Man gains another health bar and will slowly advance towards Mega Man. He will attack by slamming the ground with his hands, throwing powerful punches and scraping the ground with his fingers to send large stone chunks flying toward Mega Man which can all be avoided easily by dodging and sliding with the help of the Speed Gear if one finds it necessary. While Block Man himself serves as the head of the golem, he is completely invulnerable during this time. In order to defeat him in this state, Mega Man must fire at the large red core in the middle of his chest, which is his only weak point. Good use of the Power Gear can easily shave off Block Man's health and end this process much faster. 

Finally, once the second health bar is depleted, Block Man's giant form will be destroyed and he will now be back to his original health bar as he falls flat on his face to the ground. However, Block Man will become enraged afterwards, jumping to his feet and rushing to the opposite side of the room from Mega Man to throw an endless barrage of stone blocks his way using his Block Dropper. Mega Man's Charge Shots can easily pierce through the stones to hit the Robot Master, though he jumps as he creates his stones which allows for him to avoid the shots if they aren't timed correctly. The barrage itself can be avoided by either sliding or jumping depending on the trajectory of the stones. The Speed Gear can make dodging easier here as well. So in short, through the use of Charge Shots (since they can pierce through his blocks), the Double Gear System and platforming skills to dodge his stones, Block Man will eventually be defeated.

Other appearances

Block Man appeared as an event character in the game Yuusha no Kuse ni Konamaiki da DASH!.

In-Game Quotes

Pre-Battle Taunts:

  • "Solid job gettin' here."
  • "What are you doing here?!"
  • "Never thought you'd make it this far!"
  • "I'll drop you like a ton of bricks!"
  • "You're just another brick in the wall!"
  • "You're a few bricks short of a load!"

Attack Shouts:

  • "Hrrgh!"
  • "Take this!"
  • "Hit the bricks!"
  • "Hat!"
  • "Hoop!"
  • "Hut!"
  • "Hragh!"


  • "How mortarfying!"
  • "Agh!"
  • "AAH!" (When his giant form is destroyed)
  • "Gahhmmm..." (Before shooting bricks)

Activating Power Gear:

  • "Power Gear!"
  • "Why you..."
  • "Time to square things up!"
  • "I can't hold back anymore!"
  • "Get ready to crumble!"
  • "Your fate's carved in stone!"
  • "I’ll knock your block off!"
  • "You're not the only boosted bot on the block!"
  • "You can't chip me down to size!"

Attack Shouts (Giant Form):

  • "RAAAAH!"
  • "RAAAGH!"
  • "SMASH!"
  • "PUNCH!"
  • "MRAGH!"
  • "BREAK!"
  • "GROOGH!"
  • "HRRRRGH..."
  • "ROORGH!"
  • "MROOOGH!"
  • "RAGGGHHH..."
  • "MEGA..."
  • "I'LL GET YOU!"

Attack Shouts: (After His Giant Form is Destroyed):

  • "I don't think so!" (Said immediately after his giant form is destroyed.)
  • "NO, NO, NO!" (Said immediately after his giant form is destroyed.)
  • "I won't lose! I won't!"
  • "Break already!"
  • "Get bricked!"
  • "Hrrugh!"
  • "Hrrragh!"

Death Cries:




  • Block Man was the first Robot Master from Mega Man 11 revealed to the public. During development he was tentatively named Renga Man (レンガマン Rengaman, lit. "Brick Man").[2]
  • Apparently, he is one of Dr. Light's most beloved creations,[2] despite his designation as "DWN. 081", rather than "DLN. 081".
  • Block Man's design bears some resemblance to Cold Man from Mega Man & Bass and, ironically, Heat Man from Mega Man 2.
  • Block Man's giant form appears to be based on the Yellow Devil, having a similar pose from its appearance in Mega Man: The Power Battle, a red core as its weak point, and saying "bumo" after transforming in the Japanese version.[3]
  • He is the only Robot Master that can be fought in the free demo released for Mega Man 11.[4]
    • In the Demo, he was weak to Pile Driver, probably because Chain Blast hadn't been implemented into the Demo and Pile Driver was the closest thing to it since Pile Driver creates an explosion when Mega Man hits something with it.
  • Block Man is similar to Stone Man from Mega Man 5 as both Robot Masters are made out of stone and summon stones out of thin air to throw at the player.
    • Additionally, his giant form slightly resembles Stone Man.
  • Block Man is the first Robot Master in Mega Man 11 who has a giant form, the second being Impact Man.
  • In the Japanese version after beating Block Man's giant form he will at one point say "Ora, Ora, Ora" which is a possible reference to JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.
  • Block Man's weakness to Chain Blast is a reference to how stone structures are most easily demolished with explosives. This is very similar to Stone Man's weakness being Napalm Man's Napalm Bomb.


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