Bomb Bee (ボムビー Bomu Bī) is the Special Weapon that X gains from defeating Blast Hornet in Mega Man Xtreme 2. When equipped, X send out a bee drone that homes in and blasts an enemy on contact. Up to two Bomb Bees can be on the screen at once. When charged, three Bomb Bees surround and circle X which also explode upon contact with enemies.

Bomb Bee is Tunnel Rhino's weakness, and in Boss Attack Mode, Magna Centipede is weak to Bomb Bee as well.

When using Bomb Bee, it should be noted that if the player attempts to charge this weapon by pressing and holding the B Button before closing the subscreen or by shifting though other Special Weapons, the uncharged version will automatically fire, wasting Weapon Energy. If the player wishes to simply use only the charged version of Bomb Bee without firing a normal shot first, the player must either deliberately make X contact an enemy before holding the B Button, or, when fighting a boss, by equipping the desired weapon first, then holding the B Button down as the boss's health fills up. Alternatively, the player can also switch to a different Special Weapon, pressing and holding the B Button while X is present on the screen, and while still holding the B Button down, the player can open the subscreen and select Bomb Bee; once the subscreen is closed, X will begin to charge up Bomb Bee without wasting any Weapon Energy.

Damage Data Chart

Damage values in units in Mega Man Xtreme 2.

MMXT2-Icon-BombBee-V2.png Bomb Bee
Boss Damage
Normal Charged
Skullhead 0 --
Neon Tiger 2 3
Volt Catfish 2 3
Launch Octopus 0 0
Flame Mammoth 0 0
Wire Sponge 2 3
Overdrive Ostrich 2 3
Blast Hornet 2 3
Tunnel Rhino 4 6
Velguarder 0 0
Isaz and Sowilo 0 0
Berkana 2 3
Sigma: 1st Phase 0 0
Sigma: 2nd Phase 0 0
Chill Penguin 2 3
Spark Mandrill 2 3
Storm Eagle 2 3
Flame Stag 0 0
Armored Armadillo 0 0
Morph Moth 2 3
Magna Centipede 4 6
Wheel Gator 2 3


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