Bombee (ボンビー Bonbī) is a bee-like enemy Mechaniloid from Mega Man X8 that tries to sting the player, escaping after the attack.

They appear in Noah's Park and Jakob. In one room in Noah's Park, two Guard Generators release several Bombees to attack the player.

If powered-up by a MAME-Q, Bombees gain a 1.5X speed increase.

Queen Bombee

Queen Bombee (クイーンボンビー) is a large Bombee created to guard installations. It only appears in one part of Noah's Park at the end of the waterfall area, and can be seen flying in the background to the entrance of a facility the player is approaching. Upon reaching the door it attacks by firing five shots from its stinger. On Hard Mode it will release smaller bees to assist it.


Similar enemies


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