"So you've made it this far? Looks like Sigma was right about you. You've got potential."
―Boomerang Kuwanger, Mega Man Maverick Hunter X

Boomerang Kuwanger is a Reploid is based on a stage beetle ("kuwagata" in Japanese) that is one of the eight Mavericks in Mega Man Maverick Hunter X.



Comes from the same 17th Battalion as X. Excels in collecting and analyzing combat data with an extremely cool logic. With no sense of justice or evil, joining Sigma's rebellion is a decision he arrived at after analyzing the case rationally. He has taken over the tower that was to be the symbol of the city, and is working to convert it into a base.

Boomerang Cutter

Fires a sharp boomerang made from a special metal. If it does not hit an enemy, it returns to its owner. If the boomerang passes an item on its way back, it picks up the item and delivers it to its own owner.


Mega Man Maverick Hunter X

Boomerang Kuwanger was a Maverick Hunter in the 17th Elite Unit alongside X under the command of Sigma. He assessed the situation of Sigma's rebellion and deemed it the best route to take, joining out of a sense of logic rather than emotion or motivation. He was sent to take over a large tower and convert it into a Maverick-controlled Fortress Tower.

When confronted by X, Boomerang Kuwanger congratulated him on his strength and was excited to fight him. He also let slip that Sigma saw great potential in X, but remained adamant that all X was good for was combat. He was then destroyed in their battle.

In Vile Mode, Boomerang Kuwanger complimented Vile on his abilities but reiterated that X was the only one with the power to usher in a new age for Reploids. This angered Vile, insomuch that he destroyed him for it.




Boomerang Kuwanger: If you've made it all the way up here, you must not be an ordinary B-Class Hunter. X: Kuwanger... I don't want to fight an old friend like you. Boomerang Kuwanger: You don't want to fight? Well, isn't this interesting? You're a Maverick Hunter... And Maverick Hunters are Reploids designed for fighting. X: So I'll have to fight you no matter what, huh? Boomerang Kuwanger: Of course! A chance for a fight this fun doesn't come along every day!

Boomerang Kuwanger: So you've made it this far? Looks like Sigma was right about you. You've got potential. X: Potential? What are you talking about? Tell me what you mean! Boomerang Kuwanger: For a B-Class Hunter, you certainly learn quickly from your experiences in battle. X: Is that what you mean by potential? I do more than fight! Boomerang Kuwanger: No! All you do is fight us. There is nothing else!

Boomerang Kuwanger: Hmm... Your mobility and attack power are very impressive. You'd make quite the adversary on the battlefield, Vile. Vile: If you think so, then you must know... You know which Reploid can usher in the future for us... Boomerang Kuwanger: Is this about your rivalry with X? Comparing specs directly, you come out on top, but... Vile: But what!? Do you actually believe X is the one? No way!

“I'll see if your operating's up to spec.” “Let's get this party started." “Over here!” (When teleporting) “Watch this!” (When using Boomerang Cutter) “This will teach you.” (When using Dead Lift) “So...strong...” (Death quote)

In-battle voices

Action Romaji Japanese English
Battle start Anata no supekku wo misete moraimasu. あなた のスペックを 見せて もらいます。 I'll see if you're operating up to spec.
Battle start Saa, ikimashou ka. さあ、行きましょうか。 Let's get this party started.
Teleporting Koko desu! ここ です! Over here!
Throwing boomerang Watch this!
Dead Lift attack This'll teach you!
Defeated Kono... chikara wa... この…力は… So...strong...


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