Bounce Ball is Bounce Man's Special Weapon in Mega Man 11. After obtaining it, Mega Man can fire a volley of three bouncy balls that can be tilted up or down; each ball ricochets off of walls and enemies a few times before exploding in a burst of confetti.  Mega Man can have several shots of Bounce Ball on screen at a time.

If Mega Man uses the Power Gear alongside Bounce Ball, he'll fire three extra balls behind him, making for a total of six balls per shot.

Like all of the special weapons in the game, Bounce Ball gives Mega Man new Head Gear and Arm Gear that alters his physical appearance when equipped, rather than just being a color swap. In this case, the Head Gear is a new helmet with several white orbs embedded into it similar to the ones embedded in Bounce Man's body, and the Arm Gear is a slightly bigger buster in the form a ball, similar in design to Bounce Man's feet. He also changes to a purple color, just like Bounce Man.


  • Bounce Ball's functionality when enhanced by the Power Gear makes it similar to Wild Coil, which also launches projectiles both behind and in front of Mega Man, though Wild Coil does this by default.
  • The fact that Bounce Ball's projetiles rebound off of things also makes it somewhat similar to Rebound Striker, except Bounce Ball shoots three projectiles instead of just one and it doesn't rack up more damage the more it rebounds.
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