Concept art of the classic Mega Buster

A Buster (バスター Basutā) is a term for a high tech firearm. It is mainly equipped by combat robots and Reploids, although it has been wielded by NetNavis, humans and Carbons in certain time periods.


The term Buster is mainly used for convertible arm cannons that shoots energy bullets, but it is also used for a few handheld weapons with similar characteristics. They are compatible with several power sources, such as solar, atomic, and Bassnium. Busters can be customized to function in different ways: some can charge energy to fire a bigger and stronger shot, while others can have a rapid-fire function.

The Busters from most main characters in the franchise are very practical weapons due to their adaptability, decent rate of fire (though only rapid-fire variants can fire more than a few shots at a time) and virtually unlimited ammo. Arm-mounted variants can usually change the barrel into a hand and back (although some exceptions exist). It is possible to combine buster technology with the Variable Weapon System, or in case of handheld variants, install elemental chips to change the properties of their shots.

However, the buster's qualities do not make it an unbeatable weapon: certain weapons, such as the Mirror Buster and the Ring Boomerang were designed to counter Buster weaponry. And certain types of robots use materials that are outright impervious to buster shots, like the special steel used in the helmets of Metalls and the shields of Sniper Joes.

List of Busters

Mega Man series

  • Mega Buster: Mega Man's weapon, powered by solar energy. It was upgraded to the New Mega Buster, and later to the Super Mega Buster. Compatible with the Variable Weapon System.
  • Proto Buster: Proto Man's weapon, powered by atomic energy. More powerful than the Mega Buster, but has greater energy consumption. Compatible with the Variable Weapon System.
  • Bass Buster: Bass's weapon, powered by Bassnium. It was eventually modified with a rapid-fire function. Compatible with the Variable Weapon System.

Mega Man X series

Mega Man Zero series

Mega Man ZX series

  • X Buster: The Mega Man Model X's standard weapon.
    • ZX Buster: Produced by the combined abilities of Model X and Model Z, Model ZX, the ZX Buster fuses the X Buster and the Z Saber into a single weapon.
  • Buster Shot: A standard-issue handheld model wielded by the Hunter's Guild and borrowed by Grey. It is compatible with Biometal Model A.

Mega Man Legends series

Mega Man Battle Network series

Mega Man Star Force series


OVER-3's buster

Skull Man's buster in Mega Man Megamix

  • Several playable characters, bosses, and enemies from the franchise are equipped with one or more arm cannons or other weapons with projectiles similar to Buster Shots, but they are rarely referred as a Buster. One example of its usage is Skull Man's buster in the Mega Man Megamix manga and the Universal Fighting System card game. In the Universal Fighting System, the term Buster is also used for the energy attacks from the Cossack Catcher (Cossack Buster), Wily Machine 1 (Flying Fortress Buster) and Alien (Holographic Buster).


Power Stone 2

The Powerful Buster is a reference to the Mega Buster.

Dead Rising series

  • In Dead Rising, Frank West can use two versions of the Mega Buster:

Busters in other media

Rockman X Mega Mission (series)

  • Clear Buster: A mutation of the X-Buster caused by Limited. As the mutation progresses, the weapon changes into the Clear High Buster. It has massive power, but causes X to struggle against the Limited influence.
  • RX Buster: A Limited copy of the X-Buster wielded by Return X. Extremely powerful.
  • Neo Buster: A new weapon created by Zero as a result of remodeling the Z-Buster with pieces of the X-Buster.

Notes and trivia

  • The original Mega Man can change both arms into the Mega Buster, but avoids using them simultaneously due to the danger of the output overheating his systems.
  • Arm mounted Busters seem to drain the robot's own energy reserves: Proto Man, for example, is severely weakened after using the Proto Strike. This is less of an issue for Mega Man since his helmet has a solar panel to gather energy. Bass reportedly has an infinite Bassnium supply.[1]
  • Some special weapons also have "Buster" in their name: Grab Buster, Mirror Buster, Active Buster, Buster Cannon, Machine Buster, Powered Buster and Spread Buster.
  • "Buster Shot" is the name of Zero's handheld weapon in the Mega Man Zero series. The name was also used for the three types of Mega Busters in trailers from Mega Man Universe, the finishing blow from some of X's busters in Mega Man X: Command Mission, and in Rockman X The Novel: Irregulars Report.


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