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The Buster Shot (バスターショット Basutā Shotto) is Zero's main long-range weapon in the Mega Man Zero series. It was originally an old model of a handheld gun used by the late Resistance member Milan.  Early concept art and illustrations show that the Z Saber can be loaded into the Buster Shot as a power cell, granting the weapon the ability to be charged this way.

The Buster Shot is mounted onto Zero's back when not used.

Mega Man Zero

When Zero awoke in the Forgotten Laboratory, he grabbed Milan's weapon in order to defend Ciel and himself against the attacking Neo Arcadian troops. Once acquired, the weapon's bullets changed from regular ammunition to energy shots, and once the Z Saber is obtained, the Buster Shot's charge attack will be available with its help. In this game, Zero must use the Buster Shot extensively to earn skill points and have access to its most powerful abilities.

Image Skill
MMZ Buster Shot 3 Bullets
MMZ Buster Shot Charge Shot Level 1
1 Zero can fire the standard three shots at a time.

After obtaining the Z Saber, Zero can charge the buster by one level.

MMZ Buster Shot 4 Bullets
2Zero can fire 4 shots at a time.
MMZ Buster Shot Charge Shot Level 2
3Zero can charge the Buster Shot up to Lv. 2.
4The Buster Shot charges faster.

The Buster Shot can also be equipped with Element Chips obtained from certain bosses, adding variety to Zero's long-range arsenal. They replace the normal lv. 2 Charge Shot.

Image Chip Boss Description
Thunder Shot
Thunder Chip Aztec Falcon Enemies get paralyzed after getting hit, but they cannot be damaged.
Flame Shot
Flame Chip Guard Orotic Enemies get burnt after getting hit and slowly lose HP.
Ice Shot
Ice Chip Blizzack Staggroff Enemies get frozen after getting hit and are still vulnerable to more attacks.

Mega Man Zero 2

Zero still has to earn skill points to level up his Buster, but there are only three skill levels, with the four bullets upgrade being removed (although Zero can still fire four bullets at a time by using the X Form).  The Element Chips from the previous game return, and Zero can obtain EX Skill to use with them.

Image EX Skill Name Boss Chip required Description
Laser Shot
Laser Shot Hyleg Ourobockle None Capable of going right through enemies.
Spark Shot
Spark Shot Panter Flauclaws Thunder Chip The shot splits vertically when it hits an enemy.
Blast Shot
Blast Shot Fighting Fefnir Flame Chip Engulfs surrounding enemies in an explosion.
Triple Shot
Triple Shot Poler Kamrous Ice Chip Splits into three directions upon impact.

Mega Man Zero 3

In Mega Man Zero 3 and 4, Zero no longer needs to earn skill points to level up his Buster, as he starts off with all his normal abilities from the previous game.  This is also the last game where the Element Chips are used. In Mega Man Zero 3, Zero can fire four bullets by using the Hacker Cyber-elf Shuthas.

Image EX Skill Name Boss Chip required Description
Reflect Laser
Reflect Laser Copy X Mk. II None Pierces enemies and reflects off walls.
V-Shot Volteel Biblio Thunder Chip A forward diagonal shot that splits into a horizontal V shape.
Burst Shot
Burst Shot Blazin' Flizard Flame Chip Engulfs surrounding enemies in an explosion.
Blizzard Arrow Blizzack Staggroff R Ice Chip Fire three ice blasts.

Mega Man Zero 4

With the Element Chips removed, Zero only needs to earn the EX Skills from the game's bosses.

Image EX Skill Name Boss Description
Time Stopper
Time Stopper Popla Cocapetri Damages and paralyzes the enemy.
Tractor Shot
Tractor Shot Mino Magnus A lightning-element shot that absorbs enemy projectiles to increase the shot's attack power. Can damage on contact with the charging shot without using it up.
Burning Shot
Burning Shot Sol Titanion Explodes on collision.
Ice Javelin
Ice Javelin Tech Kraken Fires a spear of ice from the buster. Multiple hits.



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