C-Flasher (apparently an abbr. for "Chaos Flasher"), known as Messenkou (滅閃光 lit. "Destroying Glint") in Japan, is a full-screen attack Zero obtains after Shining Firefly's defeat in Mega Man X5. It is activated by pressing the Giga Attack button, or the Special Weapon button after selecting it, while on the ground. Zero punches the ground, sending out nine violet energy projectiles in different directions. It is similar to Rakuhouha from from Mega Man X4, but C-Flasher consumes less energy and its projectiles are unstoppable, going through and destroying enemies in its path. However, it appears to be slightly weaker than Rakuhouha. Zero is invincible during the attack. Any damage that Zero receives is converted into energy to refill C-Flasher's gauge.

This attack is Dark Necrobat's weakness, although other bosses take quite a large amount of damage from C-Flasher as well.

Damage Data Chart

Damage values in units in Mega Man X5.

X5-Icon-Zero-CFlasher.png C-Flasher
Boss Damage
Magma Dragoon --
Sigma Head --
Crescent Grizzly 8
Tidal Whale 8
Volt Kraken 8
Shining Firefly 0
Dark Necrobat 10
Spiral Pegasus 8
Burn Dinorex 8
Spike Rosered 8
U-555 (Head) 4
U-555 (Tail) 4
U-555 (Top) 4
Prism Guardian 4
Pteranoid 1
Dynamo 8
Shadow Devil 8
Rangda Bangda (Green Eye) 0
Rangda Bangda (Red Eye) 0
Rangda Bangda (Blue Eye) 0
Rangda Bangda (Sun) --/0*
Mega Man X 8
Sigma: 1st Phase 0
Sigma: 2nd Phase 0
  • For Rangda Bangda's Sun component, since the floor becomes lined with spikes when Zero fights it, he is only allowed to perform a few of his techniques and Saber slashes under normal circumstances. If the player intentionally makes Zero make contact with the Sun component and take damage, however, they can actually use C-Flasher by taking advantage of the temporary invincibility to the spikes before it wears off and gets immediately killed from the spikes thereafter. However, it is not wise to do so, as the Sun component cannot take damage from C-Flasher anyway.

Shin Messenkou

Shin Messenkou (真・滅閃光 lit. "True Destroying Glint") is a stronger version of C-Flasher that is only used when X fights against Zero or Awakened Zero in Mega Man X5 and against Zero Nightmare in Mega Man X6. Zero punches the ground and a series of projectiles shoot from the floor to the ceiling. The damage that each projectile can deal depends on game difficulty.

This version of the attack seems to resemble Earth Gaizer, though unlike Earth Gaizer, Shin Messenkou must be avoided entirely without contacting Zero during the battle.

Other appearances

  • C-Flasher/Messenkou is a useable command for Model OX in Mega Man ZX.
    • Omega also shares this move from Mega Man Zero 3 and Mega Man ZX, but the OX version goes in more directions at once and is faster, but it is smaller compared to Omega's, which is more like the original.


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