"Intruders... bad... E-li-mi-nate intruders..."
―CWU-01P, Mega Man Powered Up

CWU-01P is an aquatic robot from the first Mega Man game that was originally created for water purification, but it is used by Dr. Wily to protect his fortress. Its weakness is the Super Arm, but the Fire Storm works just as well.

In the first game, there are seven CWU-01Ps that roll through the room inside of bubbles and shoot three bubbles at the enemy. The seven are the same in their design, except that they have different speeds and different colors in the circle on them. They appear consecutively, and when one CWU-01P is defeated, the next will be faster. Each CWU-01P defeated removes 4 HP from their total HP.

Mega Man Powered Up

In the remake Mega Man Powered Up, there is only one CWU-01P present that reforms its bubble multiple times, changing the color of its "eye" while doing so (at full health, its color is blue but it changes to green, yellow, orange and red as its health decreases). It has a new design and speaks in a voice and manner similar to that of a security drone. The lines of dialogue are a direct reference to the Daleks from the Doctor Who series whenever the CWU-01P states the word "E-LIM-IN-ATE!" compared to the Daleks "EX-TER-MIN-ATE!"


The player must penetrate CWU-01P's bubble by using enough attacks on it before it can be damaged, similar to the Green Devil. Usually, the player should constantly attack CWU-01P to shrink its bubble's size to make it easier for the player to avoid colliding into it as it moves and attacks. It will reform its bubble a total of four times, moving faster as it takes damage (except in Easy). In Easy and Old Style, it goes around in a tight rectangular path in the middle of the room and shoot energy bullets towards the player at regular intervals. In Old Style, it always shoots three bullets in succession between intervals while in Easy, it will only shoot one bullet.

In Normal and Hard, CWU-01P no longer uses its energy bullet attack from Easy/Old Style and now has a different attack pattern:

  • CWU-01P now moves in a wider rectangular path compared to Easy/Old Style and it destroys any Guts Blocks it collides with.
  • Once CWU-01P reaches the center of the room, it uses a sweeping laser attack that drops two Guts Blocks in order to crush the player. The Guts Blocks can fall at two different positions, either right next to the walls or near the center of the room.
  • CWU-01P will then fire another sweeping laser to hit the player with; it first fires at the player's side and then sweeps it around towards the player. To dodge this laser attack directed at the player, the player must jump onto one of the Guts Blocks that the laser does not touch first. In Hard, the second laser attack covers a greater angle, requiring the player to jump again once they have jumped onto the Guts Block.
  • CWU-01P then moves in a rectangle path but will move offscreen for a brief moment before re-appearing again, repeating this attack pattern.

While using its laser attacks, CWU-01P is invulnerable. As CWU-01P's health decreases, the laser attacks are also executed more quickly. Between Normal and Hard, the direction that it starts moving towards after using its second laser attack and the location which CWU-01P descends on-screen at after moving off-screen differs; in Normal, CWU-01P will move away from the player after its laser attack and descend on the further side of the player's location while in Hard, CWU-01P will move towards the player after its laser attack and descend on the closer side of the player's location. When attempting to damage CWU-01P, it can be beneficial for the player to only do so while the Guts Blocks are present as the player can use them as temporary platforms to jump off from while avoiding CWU-01P as it begins its next attack pattern phase.

In all difficulties, it is weak to the Super Arm though in New Style, hitting CWU-01P with Thunder Beam will stun it briefly while Oil Slider is also highly effective against the bubble.

In New Style, the room where CWU-01P is fought at has a current that will always move the player towards the center of the room when idle which the player should account for when trying to avoid colliding into CWU-01P.

Pre-battle dialogue

Whenever it makes its entrance, the CWU-01P says, "Intruders... bad... E-li-mi-nate intruders...!". Unless stated otherwise, the CWU-01P's reaction to the Robot Master's response is to say, "Negative! Must... eliminate! Eliminate! Eliminate...!"

If Mega Man confronts it

If Cut Man confronts it

  • Cut Man: "I only want to pass through. I don't really wanna fight, so move!"

If Guts Man confronts it

  • Guts Man: "No entry? How about if I just bust on through?"
  • CWU-01P: "Request... denied. Must... eliminate."

If Ice Man confronts it

  • Ice Man: "You don't make any sense!"

If Bomb Man confronts it

  • Bomb Man: "I just wanna set things right. You gonna get in my way?"

If Fire Man confronts it

  • Fire Man: "An underwater battle, huh? Yeah, I'm in a pinch now!! But! My spirit of righteousness will burn even hotter, yeah!"
  • CWU-01P: "Eliminate, Eliminate, Eliminate!"

If Elec Man confronts it

  • Elec Man: "Do your worst, but I find it hard to believe that such a low-voltage robot like you can defeat me."

If Time Man confronts it

  • Time Man: "Disappear, you out-dated model..."

If Oil Man confronts it

  • Oil Man: "Haven't you ever heard that oil and water don't mix?! Yeah, you heard me, I'm tellin' you "no", so you better be lettin' me through!"

If Roll confronts it

  • Roll: "I'm not a pollutant! I'm always clean and tidy!"
  • CWU-01P: "Must... eliminate! Eliminate! Eliminate!"

If Proto Man confronts it

  • Proto Man: "Robots are machines that follow orders. I'm a machine that doesn't, so what does that make me?"
  • CWU-01P: "Must... eliminate. Eliminate!"

In-Battle Quotes

  • Eliminate! (attacking with a laser)
  • Eliminate... (when defeated)

Other media

Mega Man (Archie Comics)

CWU-01P appears in the Time Keeps Slipping story arc from the comic series with its appearance from Mega Man Powered Up. It attacked Mega Man, Cut Man and Ice Man while they were investigating the remains from Wily's base, and is stopped by them.

Other appearances

CWU-01P appeared in the Rockman manga and has a cameo appearance in Mega Man Megamix.


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