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Cache (キャッシュ Kyasshu) is the final boss from the game Rockman.EXE Phantom of Network, a NetNavi-like being that manages a Cache Server.

Game History

Rockman.EXE Phantom of Network

In an abandoned SciLab laboratory that used to carry research on the Cyberworld, its server was restarted, possibly to be secretly used by Dr. Wily after he left SciLab. The server was left on for years, and Cache was born from its large Cache Server. Cache has a dislike for humans due to their past actions, and uses cache data to make humans remember the destruction and horror they caused in the past. He attacks the world with copies of NetNavis and his creation JammingMan.

Cache is eventually found by Lan and MegaMan in the old Cache Server. After his defeat, he summons 10 JammingMen to cut the communication between Lan and MegaMan, saying that the connection between humans and NetNavis is weak. MegaMan explains to Cache that he is Lan's brother and they have a strong bond, and they manage to contact through the interference. Cache is unable to believe there is such a strong bond, and gathers a large amount of cache data from the server to his body, increasing his power, but is deleted by MegaMan. Before vanishing, he notes that as long as there is forgotten cache data around the internet, a new Cache may be born. With Cache gone, the Cache Server collapses.


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Cache appears in Rockman EXE Beast and is the final antagonist of the Rockman EXE anime series. He overtook the world until he was defeated by C.F. Rockman.


Cache's emblem

Cache's main attack is a ring-like projectile that move straight forward. These projectiles will turn in the target's direction if they are in an adjacent panel.

On his second form, Cache has a barrier protecting him. Besides his ring projectiles, he is also able to fire a giant laser beam.

Cache can also summon the copy of a NetNavi with 100 HP to assist him with Cache Load (キャッシュロード). He can only summon one at a time. Cache summons FireMan and IceMan, while Cache 2nd summons GutsMan, Protoman and JammingMan.

Battle Chips

Cache has two Giga Class Battle Chips, one for each form:

  • Cache - Summons Cache to attack with six rings, each causing 100 damage.
  • Cache EX - Summons Cache 2nd to attack with a piercing laser beam straight ahead. All panels in his front are broken.
Name Description Attack Element Code
Cache 追尾するキャッシュリングを連続で放つ! 100 None X
Cache EX キャッシュデータエネルギーで放たれるレーザービーム! 700 None X


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