For the episode he is introduced in, see Cache (episode). For his video game counterpart, see Cache.

Cache (キャッシュ Kyasshu) is the final antagonist of the Rockman.EXE anime series, appearing in last episodes of Rockman.EXE Beast+.


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Cache debuts as a silhouette in a stream of data. Iceman the Strongest

Cache was the one responsible for creating several duplicates of NetNavis (A.K.A Phantom Navis) using the cache data accumulated in the Cache Server, where all of the world's cache data is accumulated. He can apparently turn NetNavis and humans into cache data to gain power and seems to not be in agreement of how NetNavis and humans work together.

He spreads Phantom Navis around the world to wreak chaos and terror, and used the disrupting radio signals from JammingMen to create fake perceptions of reality around people. Things escalate when Cache sets up a JammingMan within SciLab's Network to block all jack in and jack-outs around the Cyberworld. After Rockman, Blues and SearchMan destroy it, he reveals himself and begins to transform all objects and living beings in the world into data to assimilate into himself.

In the end, however, he is defeated by Netto and Rockman, thus bringing an end to him. Netto + Rockman




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