Nino Island (upper left) and Calbania Island (bottom right)

Calbania Island (カルバニア島 Karubania Shima) is a plains covered island from Mega Man Legends 2 that is home to Kito Village and Glyde's Base. It appears to be smaller than Kattelox Island. It also houses the Kito Caverns which require a Class A License to enter. Its only known living inhabitants apart from the Birdbots and the Reaverbots are Shu, Appo, Dah, and Glyde.


Calbania Plains

The Calbania Plains cover most of the island. Three patches of them are accessible. The first patch is located south-east of the island next to the sea. It links to Kito Village and is where the Flutter docks. The second patch is linked by Kito Village, located north of it and is guarded by two Juraids. The third path is located near the center of the island, being the biggest patch. It links to Glyde's Base and extends to the sea south of the island. The Kito Caverns can be found north-west of the patch.

Kito Village

Kito Village is a ruined village by the sea where Shu and her siblings Appo and Dah live. Many pigs are being raised here, one of which is given by Shu as a gift to MegaMan after he saves her.

Kito Caverns

Kito Caverns are ruins that require a Class A License to enter. A yellow Refractor (Refractor A) is guarded by two red Sharukurusus. A King Miroc can sometimes be found in one of the rooms, but is accompanied by a Sukaritt. The music used in the Cardon Forest Sub-Gate from the first game plays here.

Glyde's Base

Glyde's Base is the base of the Glyde Gang, found north of the island. The Shuttlepod, initially submerged in sand, is seen when MegaMan tries to infiltrate the base with Appo and Dah's help. It is heavily-guarded by Birdbots, and is destroyed after MegaMan saves Shu. Roll lands the Flutter here when Yuna invites MegaMan to go to Elysium.

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