Calinca, known as Calinca Continent (カリンカ大陸 Karinka Tairiku) in Japan, is a snowy landmass that is home to Yosyonke City. It is the only location in Mega Man Legends 2 that is not considered to be an island since it is so big. Calinca is the closest place to Forbidden Island with civilization. Anyone who survived Forbidden Island most likely ends up in Calinca. Calinca is mostly tundra and has an Abandoned Mine and railroad tracks that surround Yosyonke City. Yosyonke City is home to the Yosyonke Gallery which is an important place to diggers around the world. The Yosyonke Gallery is where only the best diggers can take the exam for the Class S license


  • The island shares the same name as the classic Mega Man character, Kalinka, although their names have different spellings.
  • Calinca is similar to Europe.

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