Picket Man

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Cancer is a FM-ian based on the constellation Cancer, the crab. He is partnered to Claud Pincer and the two can wave change into Cancer Bubble.


Compared to fellow FM-ians, Cancer is rather small in appearance with only Crown being comparable in term of size. His body is composed of teal-colored wave and red armor as his main body and pincers. The main body also has a small mouth and a crab-shaped emblem on it with a pair of eyes extending from the top. Each of the pincers also have blue stripe on it. Unlike normal crab, Cancer only has two legs.


Game History

He usually transforms into Cancer Bubble to battle Mega Man.

Anime History



  • Comically, Cancer is the only FM-ian in the Anime to use his host's voice (and article of clothing) while disguising as him and as his Wave Change form Cancer Bubble.