Cancer Noise (キャンサーノイズ) is the Noise Change between Mega Man and Cancer, the EM counterpart of Cancer Bubble.


Despite being an aqua Noise Change, Cancer Noise's main color is red, with blue joints and body parts. The shoulders and head is covered with spiky and sharp extensions.


Cancer Noise is one of the two aqua-elemental Noise Changes, the other being Virgo Noise, which shares the same Noise Force Big Bang. Cancer Noise is focused on inflicting the Bubble effect, as seen from its Vibrant Noise ability granting that ailment to almost every Aqua attack in the player's arsenal. Folders built around Cancer Noise also tend to use powerful single-hit Elec cards to optimize the one-use double damage bonus from the Bubble status.

Noise Form

  • Non-dimming Aqua cards +30 attack.

Vibrant Noise

  • Element: BC Element Aqua Aqua
  • Weakness: BC Element Elec Elec
  • Non-dimming Aqua cards gain Bubble effect.
  • Charge Shot: Bubble Shot
    • Inflicts (10 x Buster Attack) Aqua damage and induces a short-lasting Bubble effect to the target.
  • NFB: Dyna Wave

Ability Waves

  • Charge Cross/45
  • Bubble Body/600

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