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CannBall or Ball is a Battle Chip in the MegaMan Battle Network series. It was named Howitzer in MegaMan Battle Network and is known as "Hougan" (ホウガン) in Japan. It causes 80 to 150 damage (depending on the games) and can break panels. Its rarity was four stars out of five stars but later its rarity goes down to three stars. The chip's name is probably an abbreviation of "Cannon Ball".


MegaMan throws a black ball with an obtuse angle 3 squares ahead. If the ball contacts to the enemy, the enemy gets 80 - 150 damage. However, if the ball is thrown to a panel, the panel gets broken and causes no damage.

How to Obtain

  • The CannBall chip can only be obtained by deleting a HardHead virus with enough busting level, which is hard because of the virus' armor.


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