Cannam (カンナム Kannamu) is a four-legged spider-shaped[1] Reaverbot from Mega Man Legends. The Cannam walks on the ceiling and drops bombs and it will also drop itself from the ceiling onto its target. It can quickly jump from the floor back up onto the ceiling. A single Cannam can be found in the Ocean Tower, and three appear in the Clozer Woods Sub-Gate, on the room with a breakable portion of the roof.



  • A Cannam head can be seen in the Junk Shop from Yosyonke City in Mega Man Legends 2.
  • The Mega Man Legends 2 Reaverbot Harin has a behavior similar to Cannam, possibly being its replacement.
  • Cannam's texture contains a small doodle of Unit-00 from Neon Genesis Evangelion.[2]


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