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If you are looking for the Mega Man 7 enemy, see Driver Cannon

Cannon Driver (キャノンドライバー Kyanondoraibā) is a large, tough enemy from the Mega Man X series.

In Mega Man X2, it is the first enemy X encounters in the intro stage. By jumping out of his Ride Chaser and letting it collide with that guarding Cannon Driver, X is able to cut off its legs and severely damage its upper half. On that first encounter, it only attacks with its remaining cannon, and can be easily destroyed with the X-Buster.

On later stages and in Mega Man Xtreme, they attack by alternately throwing cannonballs from its two cannons. They can be easily destroyed with the Magnet Mine or Spin Wheel, but otherwise the player may just jump or dash under the lower cannonball, and let the higher one pass straight through. They usually appear guarding the gates leading to the Maverick of that stage, most notably in Wheel Gator's and Morph Moth's stages.

Their Mega Man Xtreme 2 appearance looks closer to the cut-in-half version from Mega Man X2 intro stage, but with an additional cannon and the full upper half. Despite not having legs, they act exactly like their legged counterparts. It should be also noted that the ones that appear inside the intro stage base are able to respawn while still on screen in (what would later be) a Nightmare Insect fashion.

It also appears in Mega Man X: Command Mission as both an enemy and a figure. It appears only in Far East HQ. It has the unique feature of having a shield that defends against both Shot and Combat attacks until struck by one attack type, upon which it becomes more vulnerable to that attack type until its next turn when it regenerates the shield. They also have a 1% chance of dropping the X Buster MKIII upon defeat.

Other Media

A Cannon Driver appears in the Rockman X2 manga trying to defend the factory, losing its legs when X jumps from his Ride Chaser and then being destroyed by X. Another is seen waiting for Zero and later tries to take him down.


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