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CSS Megaman DASH2

Album Cover

Capcom Special Selection: Rockman DASH 2 is one of the three "Capcom Special Selection" soundtracks that where distributed in the Tokyo Game Show 2009 in September, and later available on sale in October 1, 2009 in Japan. The album, which comes in a simple clear jewel case, contains 17 musics from Mega Man Legends 2 and a booklet with artwork and concept art of the game. The other two soundtracks are from the games Gotcha Force and Rival Schools.
CSS- RockmanDash2 CDFace

CD face

Track list

  1. Title
  2. The Flutter
  3. Yosyonke town
  4. Calinca continent
  5. Yosyonke's abandoned mine
  6. Jaiwan
  7. Jagd Krabbe
  8. Bola
  9. Gargarfummi
  10. Glyde Drache Ace
  11. Bancoscus
  12. Blitzkrieg
  13. Wojigairon
  14. Hover Gustaff
  15. Jiji
  16. Mother Area
  17. Sera battle form 2

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