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Captain Kurohige (キャプテン・クロヒゲ Kyaputen Kurohige) is an antagonist in Rockman.EXE Beast and Beast+. He is the operator of DiveMan.EXE and the partner in crime of Chirol. When merged with DiveMan, Kurohige becomes C.F. DiveMan.


Unlike in the video games, Captain Kurohige is only partnered with Chirol in the anime, and is an inhabitant of Beyondard with no known Earth counterpart. He is not a member of any incarnation of the World Three despite wishing to join said organization, and he is not associated with Satoru Roppo or Tsuyuharu Nyoudo.


Rockman.EXE Beast

Captain Kurohige and Chirol live in Beyondard and initially work for the Glaga's army under the orders of Zoano DarkMan. They administer a castle that serves as the control center for a dam, thus blackmailing the village at the dam's foot for their water supply. They also imprison all that try to stand up to them. One of the prisoners held there is Iris, who was brought there by Zoano DarkMan.

By dumb luck, Dingo manages to infiltrate the place and then finds Iris. Chirol and CircusMan try to stop him, but, luckily, Netto and Raika made it to the scene as well as Zoano DarkMan. Iris then fuses Trill with Rockman to defeat Zoano DarkMan. That provokes a hole to break open in the dam, and Kurohige and Chirol escape aboard DiveMan.

Later, they are hired by the Beyondard's version of Dr. Wily in order to locate Trill. They manage to do so, and DiveMan captures him in the midst of a skirmish between Glaga and Falzer. He brings Trill to Wily, who then uses him to fuse with the Super Cyber Beast.

In the meanwhile, he and Chirol make a run for it in an aerial vehicle, but Dark Kirisaki puts a bomb inside, which causes them drift into the Fossa Ambience that is open in the sky and crash-land in Earth.

Rockman.EXE Beast+

Captain Kurohige and Chirol from Beyondard appear in episodes 7 through 10 from Beast+. They are lost in Netto's world and form an alliance with BubbleMan. They steal several toys from Gabgom and other objects to try to create their own Copyroids. They start with some rather stupid and useless "Miniroids", then manage to do some decent Copyroids for their Navis, but Netto defeats them by taking advantage of the low quality of the Copyroids. They later manage to create a giant Copyroid. DiveMan and CircusMan enter the Copyroid at the same time, and the two Navis combined into UnitedCircusDiveMan, but they are defeated by C.F. Rockman and C.F. Blues by exploiting the only weak point of the Copyroid and making it swallow bombs.

When they meet with the Wily in Netto's world, they try to convince him to help them, but he refuses. Learning about the Synchro Chips by seeing Dark Miyabi they try to negotiate with Wily the devolution of his own Synchro Chip. They steal the Chips to use Cross Fusion, but these Synchro Chips are in truth prototype Reverse Synchro Chips, which causes them to Cross Fuse into the Cyber World. Not realizing at first that they are in the Cyber World, Kurohige attempts to seek revenge on Netto. After humiliating himself on Meiru's widescreen television, he and Chirol continue to wander NetCity and encounter AquaMan. Unknown to them, their lives are susceptible to the dangers of the Cyber World, but are saved by the combined efforts of Rockman, ShadowMan, and Dr. Wily. Kurohige is later sentenced to work at and aquarium along with Chirol by Dr. Wily in order to "understand what the rules of this world are". Kurohige swears that he will get at Netto one of these days before a seal jumps on top of him. He is not seen again.

List of appearances

Rockman.EXE Beast

He debuts in episode 19.

He appears in episode 23.

Rockman.EXE Beast+

He appears in episode 7.

He appears in episode 8.

He appears in episode 9.

He appears in episode 10.