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Caravaners, from left to right: Typhon, Tempete, Tornado, Rafale, Brise

Caravan (キャラバン), as the name implies, is a caravan from Mega Man Zero 4. It consisted of humans that escaped from Neo Arcadia, which is under Dr. Weil's dictatorship, and establishing a new home in Area Zero. The reason they escaped from Neo Arcadia is that it's no longer safe for humans, because anyone who opposes Weil, whether human or Reploid, will be considered a Maverick.

Most of these humans are shown to be initially distrustful of Reploids, particularly the Resistance and the Reploid they only know as one who holds a glowing green sword, believing Dr. Weil's claims in the previous game that the latter killed their savior, Mega Man X. However, after the Resistance's numerous attempts to protect them, and Area Zero, from Operation Ragnarok, the hostility is dissolved between the two groups, with some of them even wishing for the Resistance (Zero in particular) to stay with them. This friendship between the two groups slowly paves the way for true peace between humans and Reploids at the end of the series.

Known caravaners

Caravan sprites

Sprites of common Caravaners

  • Neige (ネージュ): An active journalist. She is the leader of the humans in Area Zero. Unbeknownst to the rest of the Caravan, she was once friends with Craft, the commander of the Einherjar warriors. She personally said that she wanted to interview Zero on his exploits, but she also shows hostility against Reploids like most of her group.
  • Rafale (ラファール): Leader of the caravan, he's refused to interact with Reploids ever since his parents were killed by a Maverick. He acts hostile towards Zero even after being saved by him, although he apologizes and thanks him for it later. His name "Rafale" is French for "gust" or "flurry". He bears some resemblance to the Resistance Reploid Faucon, with their sprites being almost pallette swaps of each other.
  • Brise (ブリズ): Her name is French for "breeze". She doesn't act hostile toward Reploids and gives Zero a recipe.
  • Tempete (タンペート): He guards the baggage of the caravan. His name comes from "tempête", which is French for "tempest". The only Reploid he trusts is X (although, technically, "Reploid" stands for "replica android" of the original X, who is not a replica).
  • Tornado (トルナード): He's a member of the Caravan. He wants to bring all humans to Area Zero. Although not as friendly as Brise or Typhon, he, too, gives a recipe, only in exchange for Zero to leave him alone. He is voiced by Aiko Hibi in Remastered Tracks Rockman Zero Physis.
  • Typhon (ティフォン): A small boy. His name is French for "typhoon", which has a different spelling. He's friendly to Zero, and, like Brise, provides a weapon recipe.

French names

The names of most member of the caravan are French names of weather phenomena.

Correct French name English translation
Neige (ネージュ , Naedj) Snow
Rafale (ラファール , Rah-fahl) Gust
Brise (ブリズ , Breeze) Breeze
Tempête (タンペート , Tem-pet) Tempest
Tornade (トルナード , Tor-nahd) Tornado
Typhon (ティフォン , Tee-fon) Typhoon