Cardamom (カルダモン Karudamon) is Jasmine's grandfather. He is only referred to in Mega Man Battle Network 5, but appeared in the Rockman.EXE Stream anime. He is ill, and Jasmine meets Netto Hikari on her quest to save him. He lives in Choina.

Despite his deceptive use of gadgets to perform "mystical acts" (such as "levitating" Netto's PET off a cliff back up to Netto or "blowing" doors open with his hands), Cardamom has a genuine mystical sense of the world, and knew the moment it came time for Jasmine to be chosen by Duo.


He appears in episode 34, where, while making medicine he suddenly has a shocking feeling, stating that the time had come. He sends Jasmine to meet up with Netto and gives Jasmine a note (reading "One who meets a star is led by a star.".) for her to read when she reached Japan. At the end of the episode, he breaks the fourth wall in telling the viewer that his predictive abilities are real after all.

He reappears once more in episode 50, where Jasmine asks if he can see the future. Cardamom explains no one should know more about the future than what they need, and says knowing one future is knowing only a single possibility, and that humans may change the future. Jasmine thanks him, and he finds a rash on his arm. He then sees them off.

He appears very briefly in the final episode of Stream, watching the sky as the planet is destroyed by Duo. He is restored when Barrel and Colonel.EXE cross fuse with Duo.EXE to make him understand the bond between humans and NetNavis. He makes one final appearance with the panda family that lives nearby as Jasmine returns to Choina.


  • Like Jasmine, Cardamom is the name of a plant.