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The Cardon Forest (カードンの森 Kādon no Mori) is a location from Mega Man Legends that covers the southern side of Kattelox Island. The Flutter crash-land in this area after leaving the Ocean Tower in the beginning of the game. To the north of the forest is the Apple Market. The Cardon Forest Sub-Gate and two Portals to the Underground Ruins are in this area.

After defeating Bon Bonne in the City Hall, Servbots will take control over the southern part of the forest and block the path to the Cardon Forest Sub-Gate. After defeating the Marlwolf, Roll Caskett will help Mega Man enter the Sub-Gate by ramming the fence with the Support Car. The Flutter is fixed after obtaining the Red Refractor in the Lake Jyun Sub-Gate, and it can be used to access the Clozer Woods Sub-Gate. The pregnant woman Anna will feel sick in the forest and Mega Man can take her to the hospital in Uptown.

Cardon Forest Sub-Gate

The Cardon Forest Sub-Gate is a small ruin on the southern part of the forest. These ruins have tree roots growing in the walls and robotic bee hive like structures that are the nests of the Jakkos. These ruins also house a conveyor belt with a grinder at the end and a yellow medium-sized Quantum Refractor with no Reaverbot guardian.


Enemies in the Cardon Forest:

Enemies in the Cardon Forest Sub-Gate:


Items in the Cardon Forest:

  • Beetle

Items in the Cardon Forest Sub-Gate:

  • Grenade Kit
  • Old Bone
  • Old Doll
  • Spring Set
  • Refractor shard (300 zenny)
  • Refractor shard (2300 zenny)



  • Cardon Forest was named after one of the game's creators,[1] apparently the designer Kazunori Kadoi.


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